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8 Major announcements at Keynote event of Apple

iPhone 7
8 Major announcements at Keynote event of Apple
Apple has set such a high bar for its product introductions/media events that sometimes the company struggles to live up to the hype. Pre-event leaks are also an issue.

Matching the expectation of all, Apple introduced great devices from all its existing line up and upgrading the Apple Music to different look. The event was full of updated stuff write from new iPhone to new look of Apple Music.

 Today in this article we will be sharing 6 big things from the yesterday event from Apple.

iOS 10 is coming to your Phone

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system has been in beta for the past couple of months; it’s bringing a ton of new features for enriching iMessage, improving Maps and making Siri more useful with extension support. iOS 10 will arrive on September 13; here’s a roundup of everything new to look forward to.

Apple Music is more awesome now

The streaming service got a major redesign in iOS 10, and a sorely-needed one at that. Aside from bold new aesthetics, the personalized playlist generator called Discovery Mix could make for an easier transition from Spotify, if you’re in love with the latter’s Discover Weekly playlist (I am).

You’ll also see lyric integration and a simplified interface that looks, well, a lot like Apple News.

Apple Watch series 2
Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch just got faster, thinner and altogether more exciting. The ‘Apple Watch Series 2‘ — or Apple Watch S2 — has a better processor, brighter display (1,000 nits — same as a Galaxy Note 7), and it’s now waterproof-ish.

Possibly past the heyday of the app, bit still exciting, Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. Niantic CEO John Hanke took to the stage to announce the Pokémon Go Plus — a tool that offers heads-up gameplay — and the port of the game to WatchOS. We’ll see that later this year.

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Apple iPodAir

To make the transition away from analog audio easier (if more expensive), Apple developed its own standard to allow wireless headphones to connect to the new iPhones seamlessly. Using its own W1 chip, Apple designed AirPods — or EarPods without wires — that connect to the iPhone without needing to pair like you would with Bluetooth. Beats has also developed two new headphones running on the W1 chip. The AirPods will set users back $159, and they'll have to wait until late October to buy them. The new Beats headphones will also be out this fall, and range from $149 to $299.

A new Mario for iOS

Pokémon Go isn't going to be Nintendo's only big mobile game this year. Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage today to announce Super Mario Run — a new installment in Nintendo’s long-running series. It looks a lot like the 2D platformer we’re all familiar with, but it draws some mechanics from mobile endless runner games, and Miyamoto noted that you can play it one-handed on the subway. There’s also a multiplayer mode of sorts, where players compete to collect coins on a map. The game is coming out by the holidays, and at least for now, it’s only on iOS.

No headphone jack and replaced home button on iPhone 7

Apple has removed the headphone jack from the new flagship and now you can use the headphone on lightning port or with wireless headphone jack. The physical home button has been replaced with Forced touch button.

Dual Camera Setup for iPhone 7 Plus

The bigger version of the iPhone 7 comes with two rear-facing cameras, but it’s not going to let you capture your favorite moments in 3D. Instead, each camera has a different focal length, allowing for users to pick between shooting photos with a wide-angle or a telephoto lens. The iPhone 7 Plus will also be able to do some software tricks using those two different focal lengths. One is called "software zoom," where you’ll be able to "zoom" in the camera app between (and beyond) the two different focal lengths. The other is called "depth," and it uses the differences in the lenses to enhance the blur of the background behind your subject similar to what phones like the recently released Honor 8 are capable of.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The most talk launch of the keynote event was iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, the device is the best ever iPhone launched till date, as per Apple. The device has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack and replaced the physical home button with the force touch button.

Talking about iPhone 7 Plus, the key feature or differentiator I would say from iPhone 7 was the dual camera at the back.

These are some of the key announcement from the keynote event of Apple. What do you think about the launches? Let us know in the comment section below.

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