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Collection of Seven best iMessage Stickers, Apps and Games for iOS 10

iMessage for iOS 10
Collection of Seven best iMessage Stickers, Apps and Games for iOS 10
iOS 10 has finally arrived and it is the best ever iOS till date, there are many new features which has been introduced with the OS. One of the best feature of the iOS 10 is the new and improved iMessage, now an iMessage App Store that lets you download stickers and install games or apps for you to play and use directly within a conversation.

There are three types of iMessage Apps you can install — games, apps, and stickers. You can access the iMessage App Store from the Messages app by tapping the App Store icon near the keyboard in a conversation. The list of stickers, games, and apps for iMessage are continuing to grow, and plenty more will come. For now, we’ve picked five in each section that we think you should download.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the seven such apps which will increase and redefine experience with iMessage.

iMessage Stickers

Pac-Man Moving Stickers (free)

Pac-Man has been on mobile operating systems for quite some time, and now the yellow circle can chase ghosts in your messages. These animated stickers simply make your conversations more lively. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco says they’re only free to download until September 20.

Cookie Monster Stickers (free)

Cookies aren’t the only time you need to bring up Cookie Monster. OK, they kind of are, but Cookie Monster is cute and goofy so he deserves a place in your Messages. Like the Disney stickers, you can drag the blue fur ball to your chat bubbles, over images, and on top of other stickers as well.

Super Mario Run Stickers (free)

Nintendo’s second major app to come to a mobile operating system after Miitomo will feature the company’s most iconic character, Mario. But game aside, who doesn’t want to spam Mario stickers in every conversation? These stickers allow you embed the popular plumber within your messages, and you can even send a selfie with Mario’s hat and mustache layered over your face.

iMessage Apps

GIF Keyboard (free)

If you’re heavy into GIFs, then GIF Keyboard should be your No. 1 priority. Once you tap on the iMessage app, you’ll be able to search through GIF Keyboard’s robust database of GIFs and stickers. You can double tap a GIF to save it to your favorites for quick access, and better yet, you can make your own GIF without leaving the Messages app.

Genius: Song Lyrics & Music Knowledge (free)

Genius, the service that offers a better understanding of songs, now lets you quickly share lyrics directly within iMessage. If you search for lyrics or a song, the service will pull up the full lyric sheet. You’ll then be able to select from one of several options for the background of the text, and you can highlight the specific word(s) you want to post. They’ll be placed over the backdrop, and will be ready to send.

iMessage Games

Truth Truth Lie (free)

Truth Truth Lie asks you to record three videos — two have to be truthful stories or facts about you, while the third can be something completely made up. Once you’re recorded yourself reciting them, tap shuffle to mix them up and send it to a friend or a group. The recipients will have to guess the lie.

MsgMe WordGuess

MsgMe WordGuess is similar to Wordie, but it’s more in line with the traditional game of hangman. Both players pick a word, and the other has to guess it. The first to guess the word wins. You have to send the message to start the game — as is the case with many of these iMessage games — and, thankfully, no one hangs regardless of who wins.

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