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Google Smart Messaging app Allo is going to be launched on this week

Google Allo
Google Smart Messaging app Allo is going to be launched this week
May 2016 at the I/O, when Google announced two chat app for Smartphones. Duo and Allo, Duo was for the video-calling, while Allo was for the text messaging.

Duo went live for user’s couple of months back and is ruling the Play store, Allo is still awaited. As tweeted by Evan Blass, a famous tipster, suggests that Google will launch its Allo app on  September 21.   

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A few leaked screenshots show that the Allo, just like Duo, is going to focus on simplicity. The design is slicker and has cooler looking interface. Just like Duo, the app uses your phone number to look for other friends who are on the app. It will also have an inbuilt Smart Reply which learns over time and will show suggestions. Smart Reply also works with photos, providing intelligent suggestions related to the content of the photo.

Allo also features the company's AI voice assistant Google Now. The user can give direct commands to the assistant or call on Google in a group chat with friends. The assistant in Allo will help get things done like Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate conversations.

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Google announced its chat apps Allo and Duo at the I/O in May 2016.  "Duo is a simple, fast one-to-one video calling app for everyone-whether you're on Android or iOS, a fast or slow connection, in New York or New Delhi. Like Allo, Duo is based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook," a Google spokesperson noted in an official blogpost.

Just like Duo, Allo  too will be available for both iOS and Android.  Allo and Duo share the same User Interface when using the voice message feature.

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