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Seven features to try first in iOS 10

iOS 10
Seven features to try first in iOS 10
Apple has announced the iOS 10 couple of months back with the tag line that it is the best ever iOS developed till that, many people including me has tried and tested the bets version of the OS and now when iOS 10 is reality and if you are one of the early adaptor of public version of the OS then we have seven things shorted out for you which you should try write away.

Customize your widgets

iOS 10 has a screen full of widgets that you can access by sliding right from the Home screen, or in the Today view of Notification Center (which you still access by sliding down from the top). Apps like Weather and Calendar are clear shoe-ins for a widget, but there are also other less-obvious third-party choices, like spring and VSCO.

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To see all the apps that you’ve installed with a widget counterpart, tap “Edit” at the bottom of the widget page. You’ll see a list of all the available widgets. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can also use 3D Touch to add a widget from each app icon.

Send a visual message

Apple spent a lot of time updating iMessage and the Messages app in iOS 10. Emoji are three times bigger and web links show up as rich media. But that’s just the start. Your messages can now come with a visual punch. Get started by typing your message and the pressing the blue up-arrow on the right of the text field. You will then get to choose from bubble effects like Invisible Ink or full-screen effects like fireworks to assure your message won’t be ignored.

These effects can be seen by iMessage users on macOS Sierra as well as iOS 10. Your green-bubble friends will get regular text messages by SMS, as always.

Find your best selfie

In addition to Memories, a new feature that stitches together photos and videos into themed montages, the Photos app now has facial recognition. You can search your camera roll for specific friends–or even for yourself!–to find the perfect selfies. The Albums tab also has a new People section so you can easily see get all those mugshots in one place.

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Hide native apps

Apple has given the best power to their users with iOS 10, you won’t ever have to see Stocks on your home screen ever again. Apple’s latest release gives you the option to remove native app icons. You’re not uninstalling the app, however, just removing the Home screen launcher. Apple has pointed out that a native app’s main functionalities (and storage size) remain even if it has been removed from the Home screen, so that the rest of iOS doesn’t crash.

Ask Siri to use third-party apps

Siri in iOS 10 has finally been opened to developers, so you can use voice commands to request an Uber or send a message via WhatsApp. Just launch Siri as per usual and make sure you say the third-party app in your command. Initially, Siri has only been intended to function with six types of apps, but we’re certain Apple will expand the options over time.

Set your bedtime

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, Bedtime is a new tab in the Clock app that will encourage you to get a better night’s sleep. You can choose at what time you want to wake up and pick how many hours of sleep you need to get a bedtime reminder. The feature then keeps track of your sleep activity so that you can be consistent and develop a fulfilling sleep schedule.

Record lip sync

 It may sound silly, but before iOS 10 it was impossible to take photos during a dance party. Now, the music won’t automatically pause every time you launch the Camera app. Recording lip sync battles has never been this easy.

These are seven tips which you should try with your new iOS 10, do share you views and experience with iOS 10 in comment section below.

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