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Seven iPhone 6 Hidden Features Tips Trick

iPhone 6
Seven iPhone 6 Hidden Features Tips Trick
As we always say, iPhone is one of the best devices that anyone can have. With every passing day it is getting better and better. When we are waiting for iPhone 7 to be launched along with iOS 10. Today we are sharing seven iPhone 6 Hidden feature tips and trick for all iPhone 6 users.

Air Drop iPhone to Mac

By using iOS 8 or above you can use AirDrop to wirelessly share files, photos and links to your Mac. Simply tap on the share icon at the bottom of various apps to open up the traditional share menu. After this, you should now see a listing for your Mac above the normal sharing options.

Set Up Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a handy new feature that lets you use the iPhone 6 as a mobile wallet. To use this apps you will need to first set up Touch ID, After that you will need to follow these directions: Open Passbook -> Tap on the + -> Tap on Set Up Apple Pay -> Choose to Use Card on File with iTunes or Use a Different Credit or Debit Card. If you have already have a card to use in iTunes, you will need to enter the security code on the back of the card. If you choose to set up a new card, you can use the camera top enter in your details instead of tapping it out manually.

Use Touch Id to Keep Your Password Safe

It is better to keep your password safely by using Touch ID and LastPass so that your password synced between all of our devices and to generate secure password. LastPass is $12 a year to use on the iPhone. Different from the built-in Safari password option on iOS 8 or above, this lets users access password in Safari and access them to use for apps.

Get Better iPhone 6 Battery Life

Mostly iPhone 6 users are satisfied with the battery life of iPhone 6, but if you need more than just good battery life then you need to follow the following tips to get better iPhon 6 battery life. You can use the new settings to help you find out what apps you are using that use the most iPhone 6 battery life. Just knowing won’t get you better iPhone 6 battery life, but you can find out why you are experiencing the problems. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage and you will see the apps that used the most battery life in one day or over the last week. If there is an app that is using too much battery life, stop using it as often or delete it altogether. You can usethis tricks to improve your iPhone 6 battery ife. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. This will reset all settings on your iPhone, but not your data. This can help you remove problems without messing with a full restore.

Track Your Health On The iPhone 6

You can use a new App on the iPhone to track your health. Apple includes this Apps on the iPhone 6, which is an iOS 8 or above app that uses sensors, like those in the iPhone 6, as well as other apps and accessories to track fitness and health information. If you want to see your health data, tap on the Health App on your iPhone 6 home screen and then tap on Health Data. This lets you select the sources and apps to include in the iPhone 6 health app. The phone will track your steps and flights of stairs you walk up and down to add data into it. You can also connect other apps from the app store and other accessories.

Arrange iPhone 6 Apps The Right Way

This tips to help you reach your iPhone 6 apps quickly by using these organization tips we discovered while usin iPhone 6 Plus. Placing the iPhone 6 apps where you want them makes it easier to tap them open the apps up without the need to use Reachability to get to them. Instantly we can say that you have to place the less used apps on the iPhone 6 upper and far-away edges to push the apps you rely on daily into the center where it is easier to tap on them.

How to Use a Bluetooth Keyboard

This is a really great idea to help you type easily by using a Bluetooth keyboard. This will allow you to type faster to work with the full screen available to use.

Go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> Tap on the keyboard to add it. This will allow you to use the keyboard to type quickly.

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