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Tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The recent and most existing handset which has been launched in mobile market is non-other than the flagship from Samsung, Galaxy Note 7.

Device has been launched with awesome features and specifications which makes the device leader in the squad.

We would say even if you are Samsung user and has used previous note devices than also it has got lot new things for you. Today in this article we are going to talk about the 10 tips and tricks that you can do to make maximum out of your new device.

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How to use Always on Display

The Always on Display feature is one awesome feature which has been added in Galaxy Note 7. This feature is really handy for showing things like the time, date, battery life, and missed messages or calls at a glance. To turn it you have to go in Settings > Display > Always on Display. If you tap Layouts, you can also choose the content you want it to display and achieve the look you want. You can even reduce the impact it has on your phone’s battery life by choosing to set schedule, so that it only showcases the information at specific times.

How to use Edge panels

If this is your first edge device then this tip will help you to make maximum out of your new device. If you swipe the translucent tab on the right edge of your Note 7 screen, you’ll find the Edge panels. You can set it up with your favorite contacts, which allows you to quickly make a call or message someone. If you put your Note 7 face down, an incoming call from one of your favorite contacts will even light up the edge with the background color you chose for that contact. You can also set up shortcuts to various apps and tasks, or add things such as detailed calendar views or weather forecasts. Go to Settings > Edge screen to change your settings and find more options.

Use your Galaxy Note 7 as power bank

You read the topic correct; you can actually use your Note 7, with its 3,500mAh battery, to charge another phone. Using the same USB Connector we mentioned in the setup portion of this article, you can plug any Micro USB to USB or Lightning to USB cable into your Note 7 and use the Note 7’s battery to charge that phone. This allows you to charge any Android phone, or even an iPhone. When it’s working, you’ll see a Supplying power via USB message in the notification shade.

This tip is very handy for those who have two phone and other phones battery dies faster.

Secure personal files and photos

Security is one of the key aspects in this digitized world. If you want to make sure those specific files, photos, and even emails are hidden away securely, then it’s easy to do on your Note 7. Look for the Secure Folder and tap it to use apps securely. If you launch the camera, email, or other apps from within this folder, then the photos, messages, or other files that you create will be protected and can only be accessed from within your Secure Folder. You can tap Add at the bottom to add other apps to your Secure Folder.

To make sure that your Secure Folder is actually protected, tap to close the padlock icon in the top right. Now you’ll need to use your iris, fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or password to unlock it. You can choose the security method you want in Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder > Lock type. Here, you can also toggle the option to Hide Secure Folder, and make a few other tweaks. To bring it back, simply toggle it off again in Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder.

Rid yourself of app borders

Do this as soon as you unbox your sparkly new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Removing the borders off app icons instantly makes everything look cleaner, and it’s easy to do. Open Settings > Display > Icons frames and tap ‘Icons only’.

Alter the screen mode

If the default screen mode isn’t quite working out for you, Samsung has included a number of modes to alter how the panel looks. Head into Settings > Display > Screen Mode and tap on the options to see the difference. ‘AMOLED cinema’ warms up the display and is great for media, while ‘Basic’ amps up the whites. We still prefer the ‘Adaptive display’ though, which alters depending on your surroundings.

Take a screenshot

Instead of pressing a few buttons, just swipe your hand from left to right over the entire screen to snap a screenshot.

Unlock with your eyes

New for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iris scanner complements the fingerprint scanner as a way of unlocking your phone. To set it up, open Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Irises. Then tap ‘My irises’ and you’ve taken one step into the future.

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Protect your eyes

The Note 7 doesn’t just help you unlock the phone with your eyes, but it has a special screen mode than protects your retinas too. Under Settings > Display > Blue Light Filter you’ll be able to tone down the blue hues that escape the screen. Turning this on before you go to bed should help you sleep better. You can also set it to come on at the same time everyday, so you’ll never forget.

Turn off Upday

Upday is a sleek, but limited, news app that lives on the leftmost home screen. Don’t like it? No problem, it’s easy to turn off. Long press the display, swipe to left and flips the ‘upday’ toggle. You’ll never have to look at the news again.

So these are some of the cool feature we found on the new Note. We do understand that the device is capable of much more, so if you know some tips and tricks about Note 7, do share with us and our customer in comment section below.

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