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10 hidden features of iOS 10 which will blow your mind

iOS 10
10 hidden features of iOS 10 which will blow your mind
iOS 10 has been released for all most a month now and as per the report from the apple the percentage of device upgraded to iOS 10 is increasing everyday, latest figure says iOS 10 has been upgraded in 54% devices.

As you all are aware that new iOS 10 is the best iOS ever produced. There are many new features that have been included and introduced with it, some key highlight of the iOS 10 is the home screen widget, totally changed message, improved Siri and much more.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 hidden features of iOS 10 which you should know to get maximum out of your iOS 10 running devices. So let’s start.

Multilingual Keyboard Support

iOS 10 supports multilingual keyboards, which can be helpful if you switch back and forth between languages when composing texts or emails. Simply go to Dictionary section of Settings > General and grab the languages you need. If you've got predictive typing turned on, words from those languages will spring up as QuickType options.

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Search your mail with Filter

When you're trying to find a certain set of emails in your mailbox, the search might come in handy, but it might not be the most efficient way to see the results you want. In iOS 10, Apple has added filtering to its Mail app.

Just tap the filter icon in the bottom left a corner of the screen to quickly get a look at only certain messages. To adjust the filtering criteria, tap the Filtered by item in the middle of the toolbar. From there, choose your filtering options: unread, flagged, whether you're the addressee or cc'd, and whether it should only include mail with attachments and/or mail from VIPs.

When you're done, tap the filter icon again to return to the full view. The filter criteria will stay the same until you change them, just in case that's a search you need to carry out frequently.

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3D Touch in Control Center

Control Center arrived way back in iOS 7 (seems longer ago, doesn't it?) and made it easy to get quick access to certain features. iOS 10 gives the feature its biggest revamp, and hides a secret: when you use 3D Touch on the bottom four icons, you get additional features like setting the brightness of the flashlight, launching a timer for a preset amount of time, copying the last result in the calculator, or jumping to a particular camera mode (standard camera, slo-mo video, normal video, and selfie camera).

Safari Tab Shortcuts

iOS's web browser is one of the most commonly used apps, but some of its functions have occasionally been squirreled away. iOS 10 makes a few of those features easier to find: tap and hold on the tabs button on the bottom right of the toolbar and you'll get a pop-up menu with options to open a new tab or to close all the existing tabs.

View (and delete) individual website data

Want to get rid of a specific tracking cookie or bit of web data? If you poke into Settings > Safari > Advanced, you can view and delete individual website data groupings.

Pinch-to-zoom stickers to make them bigger (or smaller)

After you've peeled a sticker off and are getting ready to send it on its merry way, you can add a second finger to pinch-to-zoom in or out on the sticker — this will make it bigger or smaller on your message.

Use stickers to replace emoji (or people's heads)

More of a troll than a true hidden feature, you can place stickers atop almost anything including images and emoji! It's a pretty hilarious way to spruce up a Messages conversation.

Siri is smarter now, offers suggestive corrections

Did Siri mishear your dictation to your significant other as "I need a hammer witch" when you meant "I need a ham sandwich?" Rather than manually typing out your correction, you can tap on your spoken phrase in the Siri interface and Siri will automatically provide several alternative guesses as to what it thought you said. This has the added benefit of training Siri to better understand your voice though you can still always enter manual text correction if your assistant is way off base.

Take selfies with the help of Siri

If you are a selfie lover, we have good news for you. Now you can ask Siri to take a selfie, and you'll be instantly whisked away to the front-facing camera. That great to hear correct?

Save your voicemail messages

Whether you've gotten valuable information in your voicemail or just want to replay a sweet message from a family member, iOS 10 will let you save your voicemail messages via the Share button.

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