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10 tips about iOS 10 shared by Apple Support on twitter

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10 tips about iOS 10 shared by Apple Support on twitter
Apple support on twitter helps its iPhone users instantly on any issues reported by them, but other than that Apple Support (@AppleSupport) also shares the tips and tricks for the users, so they get maximum out of their device.

Today in this article we are bringing you the collection of ten tips shared by Apple Support on twitter with their followers about iOS 10. The list is a mixture of everything from messaging to mail, we tried cover maximum. So, let’s start.

Un-subscribe to mail from notification panel

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Unlock your iPhone without touching home button

Reply with a quick response

Surprise your friends with invisible ink

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Write a message in your handwriting

New message bubble effects

Relive the moment with Memories

5 new ways to get creative with your messages

Get More with new Control Center

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Switching from Android to iPhone

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