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5 tips to save battery on the iPhone and iPad running iOS 10

iOS 10 battery
5 tips to save battery on the iPhone and iPad running iOS 10
The biggest problem people are facing with iPhone after the iOS 10 update is the battery draining issue. We have seen many complain by many iPhone users on different social networking sites.

While doing some research and search, we found some logical answer to the issue, which we believe that you will also agree. One level, it makes perfect sense that iOS 10 — being feature-filled and designed for Apple’s significantly faster, more powerful iPhone 7 — would place higher demands on a Smartphone than last year’s operating system. you can read more about this on Battery Draining issue on iOS 10, solved.

But there should be a way to protect the battery from draining, today in this article we are going to share five such tips which will help you save battery on the devices running iOS 10.

Stop background app refresh
Killing the automatic app refresh in the background can also help save on battery life big time. In this mode, iPhone usually refreshes the app’s data in the background to keep your data recent. This includes apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Docs, Drive, and much more, which constantly keeps getting data updates even when not in use. This is another reason for additional stress on the CPU and more battery drain and you can always choose to update the app data when you launch it unless you need important information to get through — such as Facebook, Twitter, and other alerts. 
  • Head to Settings -> General.
  • Tap on Background App Refresh. Next to the background app refresh option, you will see a toggle switch.
  • Toggle the switch off.

Get rid of the extra animations
Get rid of those transparency and motion effects. While iPhone 7 may be speedy, older iPhones can get sluggish with this feature enabled. iOS uses a number of effects to give you a sense of depth when you tilt your phone or animate the screen when you open/close apps. Though the user experience is good when they are enabled, but the effects put additional stress on the graphics processor and the CPU, adding to a sluggish behaviour, not forgetting additional battery power. You can also gain performance and battery life by turning on the ‘Reduce Transparency’ option in the Accessibility area of the iPhone’s settings.

Restart your device on regular basis
You should reboot your smartphone at least once a week . Restarting your device is always good since it can help flush unwanted junk off your device’s memory. This helps increase the performance a little and does help in increasing the battery life marginally.

Optimise your iPhone settings to save power
There are a couple of ways you can save power; first, is adjust your screen brightness and use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data.

You might either lower the screen brightness or turn on auto-brightness. To reduce screen brightness, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch the Control Centre and then drag the brightness slider to the left. Auto-brightness adjusts your iPhone's screen to the lighting condition automatically. To enable this feature, go to Settings>> Display & Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On.

Disable Automatic Downloads
Automatic downloads tend to use up battery without you ever knowing it. If you don’t want apps to get downloaded automatically, you can save battery by turning this feature off. To disable automatic downloads – 
  • Head to Settings -> iTunes & App Store
  • Once under Automatic Downloads, toggle the switch off next to Apps, Books & Audiobooks, Updates and Music

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