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6 iOS 10 hidden features which will make fall in love with it

iOS 10 hidden features
6 iOS 10 hidden features which will make fall in love with it
iOS 10 is getting the good response from the users, according to statistics compiled by research firm Mixpanel, iOS 10 adoptions are tracking at 55.29 percent as of Friday, while iOS 9 stands at 43.8 percent. Older iOS version distribution fell to 4.71 percent.

The fresh metrics come two days after iOS 10 passed its predecessor for a majority share of compatible devices.

So if you are one of them who got the new version of the iOS then this article will help you get maximum out of your device, as we are going to talk about some of the hidden features of iOS 10. So let’s start.

More tabs when browsing

Finally! iPhone fans no longer have to open multiple windows on Safari when searching the internet.

First, rotate your phone horizontally and tap the tabs button in the top right of your device.
A new search box will then appear in top left of your phone, where you’re able to search for another topic.

When you have typed in the keywords of your choice, you can open the new tab by tapping the screen.

There’s a cool new stopwatch

So if you are bored of your bog-standard phone timer, then iOS 10 has unleashed a far swankier option to bring more cheer for you.

There are three quick steps to activate the feature:
  • Open up your clock
  • Select the Stopwatch
  • Swipe left

Prioritise apps for download

A common iPhone gripe is that you can’t choose which apps to download first when updating your phone.

This may mean that you end up waiting for ages to open up a feature that you’re itching to use.
To prioritise which apps are ready first, tap and hold down the app icon.

Selecting the Prioritise Download option will then put it to the front of the queue.

Auto-download albums added to Apple Music

Prior to iOS 10, the process for adding and then downloading a new album or song to your iOS device involved tapping on the "+" icon to add it to your account, then manually downloading it.

As of iOS 10, you can set your device to download any content added to your Apple Music account just by tapping on the "+Add" button. Enabling the feature is simple, just go to Settings > Music > Downloads and sliding the switch next to Automatic downloads to the on position.

Automatically manage music storage

With iOS 10, you can save space on your iOS device by letting your iPhone or iPad automatically manage music that's downloaded to your device. Go to Settings > Music > Downloads.

There you can manage songs and albums stored on your device yourself under the "Downloaded Music" section, or you can set an amount of storage you want to constantly keep on your iOS device. If you get low on storage, iOS will evaluate your downloaded music for songs you rarely listen to and remove them automatically.

New Features in Apple Mail

Fast Unsubscribe: emails with unsubscribe links will now automatically have them displayed at the top of each message with an easy to hit the button.

Unread Only: when viewing your mailbox, look for the filter icon (bottom left corner) and change the default setting to ‘Filtered by Unread’

Quick Actions: Swipe left on a message in the new threaded view and it will reveal quick actions such as the flag, reply and trash.

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