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6 tips and hidden features of iPhone 7, which you must know

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6 tips and hidden features of iPhone 7, which you must know
iPhone 7 has finally arrived and if you are lucky one then you must me one of the sweet owners of the device till date and if you are still waiting for your device to come to you or waiting for the launch of the device in your country, we wish you best of luck that you get the colour of your choice.

iPhone 7 is the best device Apple has produced till date, it has got the awesome camera and best ever chipset.

So if you have bought an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, we would like to congratulate you that you made a good choice. As you all are aware of the famous phrase “great responsibility comes with great power” same goes with technology it is “great technology with great hidden features”
So today in this article we have brought some great tips and hidden features of iPhone 7 which you should know to make maximum out of the device.

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Wake your phone simply by lifting

OK, this is an easy one. Instead of tapping buttons or getting fingerprint friendly with Touch ID, you can now wake your phone simply by lifting it up. It doesn't matter whether it's been residing in your pocket or sat on the table, lift it a little and its screen will spring to life. It's that simple.
Find this screen-brightening, notification-displaying feature a little on the irritating side? Don't worry, you can toggle it on and off too simply by Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and flicking the switch to your desired position. Sorted.

Jump to camera directly from lock screen

Where has the fudge the lock-screen camera shortcut gone? If you're upgrading to the iPhone 7 from an older, non-iOS 10 equipped iPhone, you've probably noticed that the lock screen no longer features that little camera icon in the bottom right corner that could be used to launch the snapper in double-quick fashion. The icon might have gone, but the feature hasn't, it's just moved.
Now, it's even easier to get to the camera without unlocking your handset. Simply swipe in from the right side of the lock screen and you'll pull the camera app open as you move. It's the perfect shortcut for those can't-miss snaps and selfie opportunities.

Send the text message from the lock screen

Urgent replies need never wait again. You can now reply without even unlocking your phone. Seriously, saving precious seconds, with the iPhone 7's updated lock-screen widgets,  replies can be tapped out without the need for a passcode.

How? Well, firmly pressing a received message on the lock screen will fling up a little reply window that lets you get your response in sharpish. Although slightly worrying when that arsehole mate we all have gets hold of your handset, there are privacy measures in place. Although you can reply without unlocking your phone, you'll need a passcode in order to view your entire message history.

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Master the hard reset

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" The sage words of wisdom passed on to anyone who's handled a piece of technology in the last three decades. Trouble is, if your iPhone 7 trips over itself and has a bit of a strop, there's no mechanical home button to press along with the power button as part of the traditional hard reset. Hmm.

Don't worry, though, a hard reset is still possible, it now just requires a slightly different configuration of presses. With the iPhone 7, hold the power button and volume down controls simultaneously for a few seconds to give it an official off/on cycle. Hopefully, now your issues will have abated.

Lock your lens for video recording

It’s no secret the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera setup gives users up to 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom when taking photos. This feature is also applicable when it comes to making home videos, although it’s limited to 2x optical and 6x digital zoom, which requires some automatic switching from the wide angle to the telephoto lens on your dual-eyed iPhone 7 Plus.

To prevent the inevitable flicker that lens switching will give, you can lock your lens by heading into Settings > Photos > Camera >Record Video, and choose to Lock Camera Lens. This will prevent you from going below 2x zoom if you start recording from a 2x zoom. That means no ugly judder when you play back your epic snowboarding video.

Use 3D Touch to do more

3D Touch isn’t new, but it has more useful features than ever before. 3D Touch-ing the Settings icon, for example, gives you the ability to jump quickly into Wi-Fi, cellular data, and battery options without having to scroll through Settings’ many facets. You can also 3D Touch the flashlight icon in the Control Centre to choose your light intensity.

Another very useful 3D Touch feature is one which lets you prioritise app downloads. If you’ve started mass downloading a bunch of apps after a trip to the App Store and you’re dying to get into one more than the others, 3D Touching the app in question allows you to download it first.

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Re-design your lock screen with widgets

Swipe to the right on your lock and/or home screen, and you'll access your list of widgets - bite-sized previews of your favourite apps which you can then jump into right away.

Scroll right to the bottom of your widget list to add or take away as many as you please, or shift them up and down the list. You even get a handy little reminder that tells you if there are any new widgets you can add to the list. Thanks to these, you won’t even need to hop in and out of any apps. You're only limited by your imagination. And your battery life, we suppose.

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