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6 ways to make iPhone more secure and increase your privacy

6 ways to make iPhone more secure and increase your privacy

With increasing dependency on our Smartphone, security is one of the major concern everyone should take care. When we talk about the iPhone, we do agree that device is a most secured mobile device available in the market, but few tips can make it more secure and you double assured.

In this article, we have collected the six points which will help you to increase the security of your iPhone.

Activate 'Limit Ad Tracking'

Apple can supply limited user information to apps with advertising, which promises to "provide ads based on your interests." If you'd rather not be subject to such targeting, you can opt out.
From your "Settings" menu go to "Privacy," then scroll right down to see "Advertising." Tap this, then toggle "Limit Ad Tracking" to on.

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Turn off location-based ads

For the success of the advertisement, location determination is more important. Apple tracks your location and Apple's ad tech will serve you location-based advertising.

You can turn this off by going to "Settings," "Privacy," "Location Services," then finally "System Services" and toggle "Location-Based Apple Ads" to off.

Stop joining Wi-Fi networks blindly

We get free wi-fi to many places people start using it blindly. You should think twice before joining those free wi-fi connections. It is recommended that you connect only the trusted Wi-Fi Networks for better security.

Go to "Settings," then "Wi-Fi," the find the option to get your iPhone to alert you to new Wi-Fi networks while out and about. Activate it to avoid connecting to a network you don't trust.


It is always better to be extra secure and to add an extra layer of protection for your SIM card with a SIM PIN number. This means whenever you remove the SIM card it will lock until the correct PIN has been entered.

Go to "Settings," "Phone" then "SIM PIN." Turn on your PIN here, just ensure you know the number (you would have been given it by your carrier) before you make any changes.

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Limit lock screen activities

If you've got a passcode set up, you can limit what can be done with your phone while it's locked.
You can disable Siri commands, Apple Pay and Wallet, replies to messages and notifications while the screen is locked.

Simply go to "Touch ID & Passcode" then look for the section titled "Allow access when locked." Toggle off to restrict these actions.

Use the 'Erase Data' option after 10 passcode attempts

Finally, if the worst happens and your phone is lost, stolen or otherwise gets into the wrong hands, the iPhone has a built-in failsafe to delete all your personal data.

You need to have a passcode activated, then in the "Touch ID & Passcode" section of your settings you can turn on the option to delete all the data on your iPhone after 10 failed attempts to unlock it.

Simply toggle the "Erase Data" option to on.

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