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7 Cool features that you can do with your iPhone

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7 Cool features that you can do with your iPhone
We use our iPhone like lifeline when it comes to Calling, texting and social networking, for professionals even the mails are the critical feature of the device.

While most of your iPhone's features are easy to discover, there are some features hidden deep within iOS that you probably never even knew about. Today in this article we are going to talk about 7 such features which will help you discover more from your device.

Help Siri Pronounce Names Properly

Siri is pretty great when it comes to helping you find information do things using only your voice, but sometimes Siri has trouble pronouncing your name. In fact, sometimes Siri can’t even pronounce common names properly.

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Thankfully, it’s an easy fix.

Next time Siri messes up your name, just reply with “you didn’t pronounce my name correctly.” Siri will then ask you how to pronounce it and will use the corrected pronunciation moving forward.

Restart Without Using the Sleep/Wake Button

With heavy use, sooner or later your Sleep/Wake button will start sticking, making it unbearable to use to power down your device. Fortunately, there's a simple trick within your iPhone's settings that'll allow you to not just power it down, but restart it without the use of the hardware button.

To restart your iPhone go to the Accessibility Setting on iOS to bold text system wide, to make it easier to read. Changing this setting requires your device to restart, so this is one way to reboot without using the power or home buttons. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open Settings and navigate to General > Accessibility
  • Scroll to the Bold Text setting, and toggle it.
  • You’ll see an alert warning you “Applying this setting will restart your iPhone”. Tap on Continue.

Show You Everywhere You’ve Been

Did you know that unless you disable the feature, your iPhone tracks everywhere you go and saves all of that location data? It then uses that information to personalize your experience in a few key ways.

This is a feature that stirred up a lot of commotion among tech fans who are concerned with privacy. Apple says this data is well protected though, and it’s actually quite useful if you’re comfortable with it.

Want to see the places you visit most commonly? Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. You’ll see everywhere you’ve been recently in here, and you can also easily disable the feature if it makes you uncomfortable.

Unlock a Hidden Signal Strength Meter

Looking at the dotted signal strength icon in your status bar will give you a decent idea of how strong your data connection is, but with a cool, little-known trick, you can swap the icon for the precise numeric value of your network's signal strength. It's easy, looks pretty cool, and doesn't require any system modding or jailbreaking.

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Use a Physical Camera Shutter Button

This is a simple one, but I can’t tell you how happy I was when Apple added this feature to the iPhone. I’m also still amazing at how many people don’t know about it.

In the default camera app, you don’t need to contort your hands and tap the on-screen shutter button to snap a photo. Instead, you can just click one of the physical shutter buttons on the side of the iPhone to take a picture.

Using the volume button makes the experience much more similar to using an actual camera, and you’ll find your hands move much less this way as well, so photos come out better.

Place Folders Within Folders

Folders are a nice way of keeping your iPhone's home screen looking clean and compartmentalized. But for those of you who want to take your anal retentiveness to the next level, it's possible to place folders within other folders. Theoretically, you can create an Inception-like effect by continuously placing folders within folders within folders within folders within... you get it.

Take Selfies with earbuds

Selfie stick? Who needs it? Next time you want to get the whole gang in for an impromptu shot, simply prop your phone on something (like a nearby cabinet) and plug in your headphones. Then when you’re ready to take the pic, simply tap the volume button. Boom.


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