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8 iPhone 6s Hacks and tips to make your life easy

iPhone 6s
8 iPhone 6s Hacks and tips to make your life easy
iPhone 7 is making all the buzz around the world, after the launch, but iPhone 6s remains the fantastic device. This was first device to have the 3D touch, live photos and much more. In the simple language if we say iPhone 6S was the real change we have seen in iPhone line-up, when we talk about the ‘S’ series.

So if you are willing to take the advantage of price cut on iPhone 6S or you own this awesome device then we have some great hack for iPhone 6s around 3D Touch, Live Photos and much more. These tips will help you make maximum out of your device.

Hey Siri

Siri is one of the most powerful tools in the iPhone’s arsenal, and the 6s lets you use it without even touching the Home button. You can make Siri hands-free when you first set up your phone, but to enable it at any time dive into Settings, General and Siri, then select Hey Siri. After saying your name three times, Siri will be activated every time you say Hey Siri. And the best bit? It’ll only respond to you.

Take a super-fast selfie

Like it or not, selfies are now a part of our lives. In response, Apple has made it quicker and easier to take your own with the iPhone 6s. It’s not immediately obvious how to do it, because it’s done via the handset’s 3D Touch functionality. To take a quick selfie without leaving your home screen, firmly push the Camera icon; you’ll then be presented with a set of options. Click selfie and the phone will switch to the front-facing camera.

Save your battery with Low Power Mode

By cutting down on syncing processes, more luxurious functions and OS animations, iOS 9’s Low Power Mode can squeeze extra juice out your iPhone 6s. To enable it, head over to settings, scroll down to battery and make sure Low Power Mode is enabled. If you’re still worried about your battery life, it’s also worth selecting Battery Percentage, so you can see exactly how much battery life you’ve got left.

Tweak 3D Touch settings

3D touch is,  without doubt one of the standout features on the iPhone 6s, and using it should become second-nature to 6s owners. However, if you’re finding it too easy or too hard to activate, you’re in luck. Navigating to settings, accessibility and then 3D Touch sensitivity will allow you to change how hard you need to the screen before your iPhone registers a 3D Touch.

Quick app multitasking

iOS 9 made it possible to flick through recently used apps with a double-tap of the Home Button, but the iPhone 6s makes it even easier to multi-task. Thanks to the handset’s brand-new 3D Touch functionality, a hard-press at the edge of the screen is all you need to bring up the last application you were using. From there, it’s possible to flick through the apps and select the one you want. Want to jump back into your previous app? Just repeat the process.

Call people from iMessage

Once you’ve got 3D Touch to your liking, it provides a host of quick shortcuts and features. Take iMessage: if you decide you want to call a contact rather than message them, simply push hard on their contact picture and you’ll be presented with options to call, text or phone them.

Turn your keyboard into a trackpad

Highlighting text is pretty tricky on the iPhone 6, but thanks to 3D Touch, it’s easy on the iPhone 6s. A hard press on the phone’s keyboard will turn it into something like a trackpad, and from there using the phone’s touchscreen is just like using a MacBook Pro.

Kill Live Photos

Live Photos are one of the iPhone 6s most interesting features, but they take up more space than a usual photo. If you’re getting tight on storage, you can disable Live Photos by tapping the circular icon at the top of the camera screen.

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