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Five reasons why you should not buy Google Pixel

Google Pixel
Five reasons why you should not buy Google Pixel
Google has launched its pixel phones in the market, now officially nexus brand has been killed with the launch of this device. Overall the device has good features and can give tough completion to its competitor.

While google is trying to fulfill the dream which was unsung with Motorola phones, we found that Google Pixel lacks on some fronts. In this article, we are going to talk about five such features which we think is missing from Pixel and that makes it not worth buying.

No water resistance

This is one feature that many flagships offer, however, Google Pixel doesn’t. Both the smartphones don’t feature any kind of water resistance whatsoever. Sure, you don’t want to take your smartphone for a swim. However, having it resist a few splashes and spills is an always welcomed inclusion. And with the competition offering this added benefit, one won’t mind considering the other available option.

No Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is missing from the device, which we believe should be the feature of Pixel phones. According to us, the device should have been equipped with wireless charging as the competitor like Samsung is offering wireless charging in their flagship phones.

No OIS in the camera

The rear camera surely gets the highest DxO rating, however even with a flagship price tag, the smartphone lacks OIS or Optical Image Stabilization in the camera to get less jittery images. The camera does possess EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization which uses the calculations made by the Gyro sensor on the smartphone, but that can never compare to a proper hardware stabilization setup. With the competition offering OIS as standard and the Google Pixel phones surely has another reason to worry about.

No Storage expandability

This has been the case since very beginning. Google Nexus smartphones have never come with a microSD slot on their smartphones, be it the Nexus S or the Nexus 4 or even the 6P. And now, even with the Google Pixel lineup excludes a microSD card slot. The device is available in 32GB and 128GB storage variants.

A microSD card slot is a necessary addition as it not only allows for an additional storage space, but it also acts as a backup in cases where the smartphone’s software goes for a toss. If you have your data stored on the microSD card, you can simply plug the card in another compatible smartphone and you’re pretty much good to go.


While this phone boasts of having many features including Google Assistant, it still lacks many things that Samsung offers in the same price segment. If you just look at many other Android phones, OnePlus 3 is half of the price and is still a worth to buy the phone. Pixel claims to offer best smartphone camera, but pricing is still high enough to recommend this phone. These phones do not seem to be value for money.

These are three key things that are worth to consider while thinking about Pixel phones. Google

Google’s Nexus 6p and 5X also featured stereo speaker setup which Google could consider adding in this phone. There is also no option to expand storage which you get this option in most of the Android phones. 

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