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iMessage is hacked, users are receiving random Chinese text

iMessage is hacked, iMessage
iMessage is hacked, users are receiving random Chinese text
Apple iMessage was hacked!! Some Apple users are complaining that a hack linked to Apple’s iMessage messaging service has bombarded their devices with Chinese text messages and iMessages from unknown numbers.

Users have shared information on how their iMessage popped up a notification saying “Your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage on a new Mac (or iPhone)”. The only option available to the user is to ‘ignore this notification’, and after you press ‘Ok’ it flooded their iMessage with these unknown messages. The hack was first noticed by a staffer at Mashable, whose Apple ID was hacked this way.

People who have been affected by the hack have been notified by Apple Support that this is not a one-off incident, and many people have been reporting it.

The problem first came to light when Mashable published a report citing an employee whose Mac received a message written in Chinese from an unknown phone number. Soon thereafter, she was alerted that her Apple ID had been activated on another device; the only option to close the dialog box was to click the ‘OK’ button.

After hitting the ‘OK’ button, she received a number of texts and iMessages in Chinese. She promptly changed her Apple ID password and security questions.

Apple has not publicly acknowledged this problem, though the company’s support team on Twitter directed affected customers to an official support page about identifying a compromised Apple ID and resetting the password.

So, if you have also faced the similar issues on you iPhone, do share the screenshots with us in the comment section below. It is also recommended that you change your Apple ID Password to be on the safer side.

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