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iPhone Tips: Make your iPhone Logo Glow like MacBook

Make your iPhone Logo Glow like MacBook
If you love seeing Apple’s glowing logo every time a MacBook lid opens, so wouldn’t it be awesome to have the same feature on your iPhone?

So, if you want to make you iPhone stand out in the crowd by glowing the Apple Logo on your iPhone? It is possible now, thanks to an inexpensive new LED logo kit that brings an illuminated Apple logo on the back of your device. The hack is reversible and supposedly won’t drain your battery — but it might void your warranty.

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David, the tech geek and owner of TheUnlockr released a video showing how to make the Apple logo on the iPhone light up. The tutorial fits for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. We need to open iPhone’s back cover and remove the adhesive tapes used to fix the iPhone battery in order to replace the silver pad beneath the Apple logo with a custom designed light kit, and the light kit needs to be connected to the battery. When all have been done and closing the back cover, the Apple logo always delivers a charming glowing effect like a MacBook. After the break, head to YouTube for the tutorial video. The light kit is available for $29.99/$32.99 USD at TheUnlockr. BTW, also don’t miss more cool projects by DIY gadgets.

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Check the video below:

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