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Seven Siri tips for iOS 10 to get maximum out of it

Seven Siri tips for iOS 10 to get maximum out of it
Siri was always very helpful for iPhone users and with iOS 10 it has become more smart and capable. Now with Siri you can control the third party apps, just for example, if you are heading out and tell Siri to book an Uber for you, she will help you to get it done.

There are many such tips which can help you get maximum out of Siri, today in this article we are bringing you seven such tips which will help you to use Siri in an effective way.

Send messages with third-party apps

With third-party support added to Siri, you can send messages to your friends and family using any application that adds it. WhatsApp, for example, has immediate Siri support with iOS 10. Here are some sample commands:
  • "Tell Melissa I'll be there in 5 minutes with WhatsApp."
  • "Send a WeChat to John saying, 'Are we still on for tomorrow?'"
  • "Let John know I'm running a few minutes late in Skype."

QuickType with Siri

Siri's smarts are also available from your keyboard in iOS 10. What that means is Siri can parse your conversations in Messages to offer up contextual input when, say, you go to enter a calendar entry. Or if the person you're talking to asks for someone's email address, Siri might automatically suggest it so you don't have to go look it up.

This means the way you interact with Siri is getting a little more hands-off. It's working in the background, and you don't need to physically que up the voice assistant to get suggestions.

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Search YouTube on Apple TV

Siri is pretty great on Apple TV. It makes navigating and jumping to what you want quicker and easier than navigating with the trackpad on the included Apple TV remote. If you want to search something like YouTube, however, you have to open the YouTube app, scroll over to the Search tab, and press and hold the Siri button to dictate.

With the next update to Apple TV (later this month, according to Apple), you'll be able to search YouTube from anywhere Siri is available. Just hold the Siri button and say, "Search YouTube for cat videos" or you can search App Gyaan on YouTube.

Easy multitasking with Siri

On the Mac, at least, Siri is set up to be a work machine. If you need to search for a specific document, you can. But you can also drag and drop items from Siri search results into documents you're working on, or pin certain results in Notification Center for future reference.

Again, these updates are less about queuing up Siri in the moment, and more about making Siri more useful in more places, and Siri on the Mac makes a ton of sense. What isn't clear at this time is whether Siri will have a hotkey or button combination. It's very likely, but still an unknown.

Control your home from new devices

With HomeKit, Apple added the ability to control any compatible smart home devices using Siri. However, these commands are currently limited to iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple Watches. The Apple TV can work as a remote hub for HomeKit, so you can control your compatible smart home devices from virtually anywhere using Siri. But if you tried to issue the same commands to Siri on your fourth-generation Apple TV, you would be met with a response that reads, "Sorry, I can't help you with HomeKit here."

Apple is taking the steps to unify the Siri experience across all its devices. With the next round of updates, you will be able to control all of your HomeKit devices from Siri on the Apple TV and Mac.

Just say, "Turn on the lights" or, "Lock the front door" from any of your Siri-enabled Apple devices.

Book Uber with help of Siri

Ubericon Apple’s iOS 10 update lets you bark commands at your iPhone if you want to quickly order a taxi through the Uber app. You can request a lift and view a real-time map showing where your ride is at that very moment.

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Other Siri-compatible apps include Pinterest, which you can ask to show you images. And LinkedIn will send your contacts messages when spoken to. There are still lots of silly voice commands and Easter eggs to play around with, too. Try asking Siri to tell you a joke or sing you a song and see what happens.

Send WhatsApp with Siri

The latest version of the popular messaging service WhatsApp lets you send messages and place calls without having to enter the app. Activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad and say something along the lines of ‘send a WhatsApp message to Joe Bloggs’. Siri will recognize the command, ask you what you want the message to say and then fire it off to your contact.

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