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WhatsApp has just copied SnapChat to bring new feature

WhatsApp & SnapChat
WhatsApp has just copied SnapChat to bring new feature
The social media giant Facebook properties have made a habit of copying Snapchat features. Recently Instagram and Messenger copied Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ feature. Now, WhatsApp launched a handful of new photo editing features on Monday, including the ability to draw on pictures, add emojis like you would add stickers and use the flash on the front-facing camera “so you can take the perfect selfie.” These features aren’t unique to messaging apps, Snapchat has popularized them and now WhatsApp is following the footsteps.

So the biggest question comes in mind of all  (if you are not a SnapChat user) what all will be added to your existing WhatsApp? The update, which is being made available to users on Android first, with iPhone to follow, gives users the power to add some creativity to selfies and other images before they send them in WhatsApp. Prominent SnapChat users though will recognise the features as being similar to what you’re already capable of doing in the time-sensitive photo-sharing app.

Writing about these feature in a blog post, WhatsApp said: “Today we’re introducing new ways to customize and enhance the photos and videos you share with friends and family around the world. With WhatsApp’s new camera features, you can now write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express yourself.”

Couple the new photo editing tools with WhatsApp’s recent announcement about sharing info with parent-company Facebook in hopes of eventually getting users messaging with businesses and WhatsApp appears to be moving towards a more mainstream messaging product.

The new photo editing features are rolling out on Android starting Monday, and coming to iOS “soon,” according to a company blog.

So what you guys think about this new feature of WhatsApp? do let us know in the comment section below.

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