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15 Awesome hidden Siri tips to get the maximum out of it

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15 Awesome hidden Siri tips to get the maximum out of it
One of my favorite things of iOS is “Siri.” It helps in making day’s easy with just a voice command, if you use Siri then you must be understanding what I am talking about and if you are not using, I would say you are missing the biggest part of your Apple device, start using now.

There is an almost endless list of Siri features that can turn your digital personal assistant into a powerful force to answer your questions in a snap, make your life simpler and even play your favorite music.

Today in this article we have brought the list of 15 cool feature of Siri that can make your day easier. These hidden Siri features are not locked behind a special code and there is no need to use the iOS 10 jailbreak to unlock them. No, these Siri features are available to everyone on iOS 9 or higher, but most users have no clue that these features exist, or how to use them.

Use Hey Siri for Hands-free Access

Apple recently enlisted Cookie Monster to show off the Hey Siri feature on the iPhone 6s, as he longs for a timer to finish so he can eat cookies.

If you own the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus you can say, “Hey Siri” anytime to access all the features listed below. You don’t need to be connected to power for this to work, and it is an awesome way to build Siri into your daily life. We use it to check the weather, set timers, turn off all alarms and much more. 

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Turn this on by going to Settings -> Siri -> Hey Siri -> On. Then follow the setup procedures.
If you own an older device you can still use Hey Siri, but only when plugged into power. It’s still very handy for checking things while the phone is charging on your nightstand or desk.

Use “Remind Me About This” with Siri

When you are looking at a web page or an app you can say Remind me about this and Siri will take what you are looking at adding it to a reminder. You can combine this with reminding me at a certain time or remind me of a place and you’ll no longer need to copy and paste something or describe it in a reminder. Just have it open on your screen and say “Remind me about this.”

Search on Google Instead of Bing with Siri

When you search for something with Siri the iPhone searches Bing. If you don’t like Bing, like many users, you can still use Google.

Instead of asking Siri a question or a search you need to say, “Search Google for ..” and then whatever you want. This will get you the Google search results.

Open Favourite Apps with Siri

For now, you cannot control other apps like Spotify with Siri, but you can open the app which makes using it that much easier. This is handy to use while at a stoplight or when walking to your car. Use Siri to open the app and get it ready so you can tap on a playlist and get going. You will need to unlock the iPhone to open the app.

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Get Voice Feedback All the Time from Siri

If you want Siri to read back your messages before sending them and talk back to you when you ask the service to do something go to Settings -> General -> Siri -> Voice Feedback -> On. Now Siri will talk whenever you ask for something. You can also choose to only hear this when using a handsfree device.

A recent upgrade allows you to set this to work with the mute switch on the side of the iPhone so that you will only hear voice feedback when your phone is not on silent. This is overruled when using Hey Siri or when connected to a handsfree device.

Find Out How Late a Store is Open with Siri

You can now ask Siri how late a store is open. Say, “How late is store name open?” and if it is a known store with posted hours you will get the hours for that day, the reviews, distance to the store and a small map.

Find Photos Using Siri

You can use Siri to find photos using time and location. Simply say “Show me photos from last week” or you can go with last year or any other date range.

You can also say show me photos from a specific city or location and you’ll see your photos.
Other options include “Show me my selfies.” and “Show me my videos.”

Search for Recent Tweets with Siri

If you want to know what someone is tweeting about without opening up Twitter, just say, ” What is person’s name saying?” You can also ask what a brand or website is saying and it will show you their recent tweets.

Teach Siri How to Pronounce Names

If Siri constantly butchers names of your contacts simply say “Learn how to pronounce contact name.” When prompted pronounce the first name and then pick an option and then the last name and pick an option.

Solve Math Problems

If you need to perform more complicated math calculations like adding fractions and decimals or finding square roots and more just ask Siri and you’ll likely get an answer faster than grabbing your calculator.

Get Specific Sports Player Info

Ask Siri when two professional sports players play next or who is taller to settle a bet, or make plans to watch a major rivalry. Just use the player names when asking your questions.

Add an Item to a Specific Reminder List with Siri

You can add milk to the grocery list in Reminders or add a to-do item to your work list by naming the list when you tell Siri. So say, “Add Milk to my Grocery List.”

Set Reminders for a Date

If you need to remember to do something on a holiday or other known date of Easter. You can also set reminders on a regular schedule by saying, “Remind me to call grandma on the first Thursday of every month.” or “Remind me to take the trash out every other Wednesday.”

Check the Number of Days Between Dates

Ask Siri “How many days until March 28th?” or “How many days between January 6th and June 15th? and you can learn exactly how many days are between these dates.

Find Airplanes Flying Above

Ask Siri “What airplanes are above me?” and you’ll see a list of planes flying overhead and a map to help identify them.

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