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5 tips to make maximum out of your Pixel Phone

Pixel Phone, Google Pixel
5 tips to make maximum out of your Pixel Phone
Google has launched its first made by Google Phone named “Pixel,” Phone comes with great features and specifications. As I always say great technology needs great tips to make maximum out of it.

Today in this article we are going to talk about 5 such features which will help you make maximum out of your new Phone. Let’s get started.

Charge another phone with Pixel

One other neat feature of the Pixel’s migration adapter is that it lets you charge another USB device using the phone’s battery.

You don’t have to do anything to kick this off, it just happens when you plug the two things together.

Now, don’t get carried away. The smaller Pixel doesn’t exactly have a 10000mAh battery pack strapped to its back, so go easy on phone charging and don’t even let the idea of charging a tablet enter your head.

However, it’s perfect for giving your fitness wearable a boost. Or, idea of the year: plug in a USB fan. Take that, iPhone.

Switch on the notification light

The Google Pixel has a notification LED that sits in the left-most bit of the earpiece grille. It’s a cute little thing, but you wouldn’t know it’s there because Google has turned it off as standard, for some reason.

You can switch it back on by going to Settings, jumping into the Notifications area then tapping the little cog button at the top-right of the screen. In this bit you’ll find a slider called Pulse Notification Light.

Get best out of “BEST” Camera

A camera that lets you just shoot away without having to worry about what settings you need for good image quality is one of the Pixel’s highlights. However, there’s more to it when you dig down too.

You can burst shoot by either holding down the shutter button or the volume down key. We got to 371 shots in one go before giving up trying to find out how many it can take without stopping.
Hold a finger down on the scene in the camera app for a couple of seconds and you enter a mode called AF/AE lock.

This locks down the focus and exposure setting letting you fire away more quickly on the shutter without worrying about the camera deciding randomly to focus on something else.

Shoot 4K Video with Pixel

The Google Pixel can shoot 4K video, but it doesn’t do so as standard. And there’s no separate mode to let you switch over right from the top bit of the camera app.

If only 4K will do, go to the Settings part of the camera app by tapping the cog-like button. Flick down and you’ll see an entry called Back Camera Video Resolution. There’s a 4K option in here.
The downside to using 4K is that you can only shoot at 30fps. 1080p goes up to 60fps. Oh, and 4K eats your storage up like nothing else.

Get Best out of fingerprint scanner

The Google Pixel has a fingerprint scanner on its back. While second in popularity to the front-loaded scanners used in iPhones and Samsung mobiles, there’s a little bit of an issue here.

Rear scanners are a perfect fit for great big phones, but with a tiddler like the smaller Pixel, your forefinger tends to rest naturally just off the centre of the pad.

One smart solution is for right-handers to focus on the right side of their forefinger when you are teaching the phone your fingerprint.

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