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Apple is introducing the new colour of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

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Apple is introducing the new color of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
A recent report suggests that sales of iPhone 7 has started declining and OEM’s of the device has reduced its production. As per the OEM’s, plus version of the iPhone 7 is short from the stores is because of the production shortage and not because of demand of the device.

To overcome the issue of declining sales, Apple has a plan to add a new color to the lineup to attract more customer towards the device.

Apple initially announced its new and improved iPhone 7 in five color options: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black and Jet Black. But it seems the Cupertino giant isn’t quite done introducing additional colors to its line-up.

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Apple replaced its Space Grey color with a new matte-black color with the iPhone 7, 7 Plus this year. The company also introduced a new jet-black color for its latest flagships, limited to only the top two (128GB and 256GB) variants of both devices. While the anodized aluminum matte-black variant is as durable as previous colors, the jet-black design has been noted to be a finger print magnet – while also being prone to easy scratching.

The Big A is reportedly planning to refresh its iPhone 7 line-up with a new ‘Jet White’ color option, Japanese news outlet Mac Otakara reports.

The report makes no mention of when Apple might add the sixth color to its catalog, but it speculates it will be available for both models – the standard iPhone 7 as well as the boosted 7 Plus.

While Mac Otakara has accurately leaked information about upcoming Apple products in the past, the Japanese publication warns its source “may not be reliable” this time around – so don’t get too excited just yet.

Apple enthusiasts are well-known for sketching recreational mock-ups of some of the company’s most popular products. It wouldn’t be entirely out of the ordinary if it turns out the Jet White iPhone 7 rumor is merely another fan-made concept – much like this mock-up of the AirPods in Jet Black.

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Apple has been successively adding new colors to its lineup since for quite some time. The iPhone 5s saw the addition of a gold color variant, while the iPhone 6s got a new rose gold version. With the iPhone 7 however, the company has added two new colors (possibly three) variants.

This might just be a rumor, as there is no precedence of Apple launching a new color variant after the launch of a phone. If, however, the color is coming, the company is sure to make an official announcement about it first.

So what you guy’s think about the new iPhone 7 in Jet white color, do you think it will become the reality in coming days? Do let us know your opinion and views about the new color of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the comment section below.

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