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Apple launches new Support app for iPhone and iPad

Apple Support App
Apple launches new Support app for iPhone and iPad
Apple does all those things which help it, customer, to make maximum out of it and wants owners of its products to better understand the different features of the devices they own, so it is rolling out a standalone Apple Support app to the iOS App Store. Like what its name suggests, the app is designed to provide support to users through tips and informative articles.

The app gives you information about how to use your Apple products (assuming you can install the app in the first place!), schedule appointments at the Apple Store, or live-chat with a support rep. For most situations, and with a little training, it can replace your phone number in your grandparents’ book for tech support.

Even better, it knows what devices you have registered with your Apple account. Rather than having to explain the difference between A1701 and A1702 to someone, you can just ask them to log into the Support app and see documentation.

Based on the official description of the app, it is a “personalized guide” for users of Apple devices. It is said to contain articles that are tailored to answer questions of users about the product they own. Per GSM Arena, the articles the app contains are “How To” reading materials.

According to Engadget, reports about a standalone Apple support app have been circulating the web since last year, but it is only this week that the rumored app is materialized. The tech site also stated that it has reached out to Apple for details about the availability of the app in other countries, but the Cupertino giant has yet to respond.

The app is available in most app stores apart from the US store, strangely. Hopefully, it should be rolling out state-side in the next few days, just in time for you to visit home.

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