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Four hidden features of Mailbox in iOS 10

iPhone MailBox
Four hidden features of Mailbox in iOS 10
When we talk about e-mail, it was hardly mean to anyone some 8 years’ back. People use to check their mailbox one in a week to check if someone has sent something, but now when mail is almost a basic way of communication (especially in the corporate world and business). Our dependency on the mailbox has increased drastically and email clients help us to get reed of these.

iOS mail app was good to use from the past and now it has become more intelligent with iOS 10, there are some cool features, which has been added to make our day to day life easy with Mails.
Today in this article we are going to talk about the four tips which will help you to use your mailbox effectively.

Mail Conversation View

Rather than burying message threads another level down, Apple added the threaded conversation view from its Mac mail client to its mobile devices in iOS 10. You can now tap a message thread to display it as a single series of messages that you can scroll through. You can also tap the double arrows listed next to a thread in the Inbox to expand the conversation if you want to pick a single message to read.

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Easily Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

Mail on iOS 10 is now smart enough to realize — in many, though not all cases — when messages you get arrive via a mailing list. Mail can then provide you with an easy way to unsubscribe from unwanted lists.

Just tap the Unsubscribe button that appears automatically in the header on those messages, and follow iOS's instructions. For mailing lists that you're on by choice, you can tap the 'x' in the header to stop getting prompts to unsubscribe.

Smarter Mail Sorting

If you manage your inbox by moving messages into folders, iOS 10 looks to save you some extra taps. The Mail app will try and predict the folder you're moving a message to based on the sender and the message's content.

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Tap the folder icon on the bottom of a message. If Mail recognizes the type of message you're looking to file, it will suggest a folder; if Mail guesses wrong, you can tap the Move Message option to get a full list of your Inbox folders. The feature doesn't always appear, nor does Mail always suggest the right folder, but it still saves you some scrolling when the right suggested folder appears. And Mail figures to get smarter the more you use the feature.

Sort your inbox to frequently used mailboxes

If you have the Move option selected as your Swipe Left gesture in Settings > Mail, you'll get an additional shortcut thanks to iOS 10's machine learning: After filing a few messages, Mail will start to offer suggestions on where you should file the message (i.e. "Coupons and Bills") rather than making you select the same option repeatedly.

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