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Get physical back button on your iPhone with this trick

iPhone Physical Back button
Get physical back button on your iPhone with this trick
As iPhone user, you will agree with the point that missing physical back button is a pain when compared to the Android Phones. Many iPhone users have a complaint about the dedicated, hardware Back button on the iPhone ever since Android first made that button so popular. Being able to stab at a button and be returned to the thing that you were just looking at is a real boon in Android, and the fact it is still missing in iOS rubs a lot of people up the wrong way.

Later on, feeling the need of back button Apple has included the software based back button in their OS, but we feel that it is not enough, as sometimes reaching on the top corner of the phone while handling (iPhone 6 and above) it with one hand is a tough task.

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If you are also one of them who is facing the similar issue with your iPhone, then today we have some good news for you.

As it turns out, there’s a screen protector on the market that claims to add a hardware Back button to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series and, it actually works.

iPhone Physical back button

Looking just like any other screen protector, this one not only allows for a hardware Back button but also a Select, or Return button as well.

The way this thing works is to link the bottom-left and right of the screen protector area (on the left and right side of Touch ID) to the top portions, so when users tap either side of the iPhone’s Home/Touch ID button, a tap is registered in the same place that the iOS software Back and Edit/Select buttons are located. It’s a clever hack of sorts, and while far from ideal it’s certainly a workable option for those that need it.
Costing around $7, this thing isn’t going to break the bank, and if you iPhone is just a tad too big for reaching the top corners or you just crave a hardware Back button for your device, then giving this a go is well worth your time. Oh, and it will help stop your screen from getting scratched too!

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