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Seven iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus tips for camera & more

iPhone 7 Plus
Seven iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus tips for camera & more
Apple has launched its new flagship and best ever device in the form of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus in the market. The Internet is getting flooded with the hacks and tips to get maximum out of the device. In this order, some guy on the internet recently figured out that if he just drills a hole into his new iPhone 7, people will watch a YouTube video about it. Of course, we did and so did millions of others, and many have started drilling the headphone jack in their devices and destroyed a nearly $ 700 devices. But, as expected, that “hack” doesn’t get you much further than a laugh and if you’re particularly gullible a hole in your new phone.

So today in this article for those have not destroyed the much loved iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus by drilling the headphone jack, we have some great hacks and tips which will help you get maximum out of your device.

Get Flashes for Notifications

The iPhone 7 lets you quickly check notifications simply by lifting up your phone or taking it out of your pocket but you can also make the camera flash on and off until you look at a new message or notification if you want, Recombu reported, this is probably best for people who have a hard time paying attention to their phone on the weekends when they get messages from their friends — which is the case for this reporter and a source of frequently missed brunches.

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Shoot 4K Video or 60 Frames-Per-Second (FPS) Video

You can capture some stellar video with the new iPhone7 camera. You can shoot Full HD video at 60 fps or Ultra HD 4K resolution footage. Just head over to your phone’s main settings and select “Photos & Camera.” You’ll have all the options right there. The dual cameras are capable of some pretty remarkable things in general. The "Portrait" mode is getting a lot of attention. Check it out.

Make Your Phone Kid Friendly

Look, we’re all adults, so whatever shameful thing you’re doing with your phone that minors shouldn’t know about is your business. If there are some children around that you need to keep from certain apps, the iPhone 7 has a restrictions section that allows you to disable apps and features like Siri or Airdrop. You can also keep kids away from adding or deleting apps.

The restrictions option is under your general settings menu. Once you tap on the option to select it, you'll be able to set up a pass code and choose which apps and functions you don't want kiddos to be using.

Make Your Phone A WiFi Hotspot.

If you’re out and about and need to get a WiFi network stat, you’re in luck.  Unless your network contract forbids this sort of thing, you can simply go to the settings and start the hotspot up and change your password to be more secure.

Save Some Battery

If you’re constantly running out of battery, you may consider changing the timeout length for your home screen. This allows your phone to go dark faster or slower, depending on your preferences. A shorter timeout will help save battery. You can also dim your phone, which also conserves on battery.

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Don’t charge your phone after it’s been in water

Less of a tip, more a word of warning here. Yes, your new phone's waterproof – great, isn't it? – that doesn't mean you can dunk it in the drink and then plug it straight into charge, though. Although water and electronic devices might now mix, water and electricity still certainly don't. That's why Apple has advised that if your iPhone 7 is submerged, you should give it at least five hours drying time before plugging it into charge.

It's not just frying your still-damp phone you need to worry about, either. You should probably avoid opening the SIM tray shortly after a submersion too, lest a daring drop of the wet stuff wiggle its way into contact with some all-important circuitry. Sounds like a lot of rules, right? We're sure you won't mind them the next time you accidentally drop your phone down the loo and it comes out unscathed.

Open camera application without unlocking your iPhone

Where has the fudge the lock-screen camera shortcut gone? If you're upgrading to the iPhone 7 from an older, non-iOS 10 equipped iPhone, you've probably noticed that the lock screen no longer features that little camera icon in the bottom right corner that could be used to launch the snapper in double-quick fashion. The icon might have gone, but the feature hasn't, it's just moved.
Now, it's even easier to get to the camera without unlocking your handset. Simply swipe in from the right side of the lock screen and you'll pull the camera app open as you move. It's the perfect shortcut for those can't-miss snaps and selfie opportunities.

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Jump directly into selfie mode

Thank you 3D Touch, you finally serve a purpose. Having first dropped on the iPhone 6S with few standout uses, the pressure-sensitive panel has really come into its own on the iPhone 7 thanks to the iOS 10 updates. As well as letting you give a firm press to select how bright you want your torch or set a 5-minute alarm, your phone's 3D panel will now make it even easier to snap a selfie and fill your Snapchats and Instagram with even more vanity shots.

You can do it from within any app too. Simply swipe up the Control Panel and give a firm press on the Camera app icon. One of the pop-up options here should be "Take Selfie". Give this a tap and watch as your gurning mug fills the screen – ah, lovely.

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