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Tips to Make Money from your Social Media Accounts.

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Tips to Make Money from your Social Media Accounts.
If you are very active on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram then there is an opportunity to make some money with your account.

In this article, we look at ways to make money with your social media account.

Before we proceed further I must tell you that this article is only for people who are really active on social media. If your account is dormant then you may not be able to make any money.

Make Money with Famebit

First you must have over 5000 followers on Twitter, YouTube or any other social media.

Your account must have some dedicated followers. Then you can monetize your social media account using following technique.

You have to start with opening an account with Famebit.

Famebit allows your account to connect with hundreds of other companies who want to promote their brands and products using your social media account.

You will be an influencer who will promote the brand of a company using your social media account like Twitter or YouTube.

Once you have created an account with Famebit, you can choose a product from a category to promote.

Famebit has all kinds of niches like Gadgets, Fashion, Beauty, Pets etc. You can choose a product based on pricing that they offer.

Then you have to contact the company saying you are interested in promoting their brand.

You have to create a proposal and send it to as many companies as you can. Your proposal must be convincing and it must have all the details of your social media account.

Use templates to send to hundreds of companies.

Once your proposal is accepted you have to start working on promotion plan and share with the company you are promoting for.

The company will become the copyright owner of your content. You get paid each month via PayPal.

Famebit charges 10% of your earnings as a commission.

So this is how you can make money with your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

You can download the Famebit app from the App Store.

There are other ways also to make money with your social media account.

Sponsored Tweets from Twitter Account

If you have huge followers on Twitter then you can use your power to promote different brands.
With sponsor tweets you get paid. You have to tweet promoting the brand of a company. You can wear their cloth and upload an image within your tweet or you can write something good about the product in your tweet.

The company will pay you according to your influence on Twitter.

Make Money with Instagram Account

Instagram is all about images and not tweets. You can become a brand ambassador and promote various products closely related to your account.

For example,  if your photos are mainly about makeup or fitness then you can promote a product accordingly.

If your account has over 10,000 followers then you can also sell your Instagram account to somebody and make money.

Apart from this, there are many other ways to make money from Instagram.

YouTube Users

If you upload videos on YouTube and have an army of subscribers then you can join Google YouTube partner program and make huge money.

However,  your videos must receive millions of views, otherwise you will not be able to make enough money. You can look out for other third party partners also.

Affiliate Promotion through Facebook Posts 

This is not new. You can use Facebook posts to promote a product. You can create compelling posts and add a video and promote a product through affiliate links.

This is also known as affiliate marketing.

Finally,  I would say you can definitely make money with social media accounts but you need at least 5000 followers. You can easily earn between $500 - $1000 a month. 

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