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Top 5 Cloud applications for iPhone & iPad

iPhone Cloud App
Top 5 Cloud applications for iPhone & iPad
Increasing data on the iPhone and iPad has increased the requirement of storage in the device, to cater these issues people try the c-type USB device and other options.

But one of the excellent solutions for the increasing storage requirement is the cloud options. Cloud gives lots of options and fixability for the storage, as you can access your saved data from all the platform either be your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

There are many cloud applications available for the iPhone and iPad which have great features and options. Today we have accumulated top 5 apps that can solve your storage requirement.


The daddy of all cloud storage tools, Dropbox helps millions of users store their files securely in the cloud. The key to Dropbox's success is accessibility - it's incredibly easy to use, and it's available on pretty much any platform you care to mention. This also makes it ideal if you frequently need to share your files. Like most of the other offerings, you get 5GB free with Dropbox. There is the potential to earn (and buy) more, mind.

Key Elements of Dropbox

  • Simplicity
  • Easy sharing options
  • Recent update to automatic photo sync
  • Document reading
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Google Drive

Google Drive ties into all other Google products including Google Docs. This means you can not only access and collaborate on all your documents and spreadsheets from any browser, but from the iOS app as well. Google Drive also supports several file types such as Photoshop, Illustrator, several video formats, and more. Since it's Google, the search is really well implemented. Storage space is among the most affordable. You get 15 GB for free, 100 GB of starts at $5 a month, and additional plans go up from there. Collaboration is the killer feature, though third-party app support is not as robust as Dropbox.

If you want to be able to collaborate on documents in the cloud, with outstanding search, and reasonable prices, get Google Drive.

Key Features Google Drive
  • A simple and familiar interface
  • Real-time editing of documents, spreadsheets etc. (iPhone/iPad)
  • Offline availability of docs: the most key feature that makes Google Drive fare better.


OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is Microsoft's own cloud storage service that ties into Microsoft Office Online and the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office. You get 15 GB to start you off for free — existing Office 365 users get 1 TB free — and can upgrade to additional storage for a monthly or yearly subscription. Obviously, it has the best support for Microsoft products, which is important in business. Third party developer support is growing but still isn't great.

If you are already an Office 365 subscriber, the 1 TB of free storage OneDrive gives you makes it a no brainer.

SugarSync iPhone AppPerhaps, the most unsung hero of all the cloud storage apps is SugarSync. The app is an amazing piece of work, lauded by the likes of Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD. It has much more features than what the usual Dropbox app allows for. And SugarSync brings a rich experience.

Key Features SugarSync
  • Email files
  • Offline viewing through fast downloads
  • Stream music even when accessing other files
  • Real-time access

SkyDrive iPhone AppSkyDrive from Microsoft is a very popular cloud storage service used by Windows users. You’ll find SkyDrive to be pretty much same as Dropbox. There’s enough access to uploads and viewing options but you can’t do real-time edits.

Key Features SkyDrive
  • Useful for users of SkyDrive
  • Easy sharing options
  • Easy photo upload features

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