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Wi-Fi is more important than Sex: Survey

Wi-Fi is more important than Sex: Survey
Everyone will agree to the point that Wi-Fi has become the basic requirement of our day to day life. We want high-speed internet to do our things faster (it can be professional or personal), but the craze for wireless internet connection has gone up so much that almost half of the people now crave for Wi-Fi on the go even more than chocolate, alcohol and, yes, sex, show results of a new survey. The ever-increasing influence of Wi-Fi on our daily lives was revealed in a recent survey of more than 1,700 people conducted by iPass, a leading provider of global mobile connectivity.

Out of the total no of people surveyed, 40 percent of respondents chose Wi-Fi as their number one daily essential, 37 percent chose sex, 14 percent preferred chocolate and only 9 percent prioritized alcohol.

While commenting on the survey, Patricia Hume, Chief Commercial Officer of iPass said: “We all want Wi-Fi first, because of faster speeds, lower prices and the better user experience it affords.”

According to “The iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016”nearly 75 percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi has improved their quality of life, For mobile professionals who do not want to be stung by data bills or exorbitant roaming charges, Wi-Fi has also become a travel essential, influencing hotel, airport, and other travel choices.

The survey showed that 72 percent of respondents have chosen a hotel based on the Wi-Fi experience, with 21 percent saying they do so all the time. It also showed that 72 percent respondents use free Wi-Fi at airports if it is available.

“Mobile professionals, in particular, expect to remain connected at all times, whether at home, traveling between client meetings, at their hotel or even in-flight,” Hume added. Sixty percent of the respondents for the survey came from North America, and 40 percent were from European countries. “The Wi-Fi experience is increasingly affecting mobile professionals’ travel choices, even at 30,000 feet, with more than a third of respondents having selected their airline based on its Wi-Fi connectivity offerings,” Hume pointed out.

“Long gone are the days when Wi-Fi was only a ‘nice-to-have’ at airports and in-flight. Mobile professionals are no longer content to sit and wait for their flights. Instead, they want to remain productive or simply unwind during this valuable time,” Hume said.

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