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10 of the best iPhone tips and tricks, according to Apple

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10 of the best iPhone tips and tricks, according to Apple
If you are reading this article, I hope that either you are an old user of iPhone or you much have recently bought new glossy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Both of you guys will agree with me that the device is full of features and a user you are just getting 60% (as per my readings) of the total capacity of the device.

There are many hidden shortcuts that can help you get the maximum out of your device. So, if you want to use your iPhone with maximum efficiency, you've got to learn the tricks.

Apple's official support Twitter account, @applesupport, tweets some of Apple's best tips when it's not helping users fix problems.

Here are some of the best:

There's a super simple shortcut to check out drafts on the Apple Mail app.

This is what to do if Siri keeps butchering your name.

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Add bold and italics to your emails.

Here's what to do if a group text thread is driving you crazy.

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Need more apps? Apple picks some of the best. 

Here's how to save a location in case it's a Pok├ęstop or somewhere important.

Here's how to gracefully decline a call.

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Here's how to save that important email for later.

If you have an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, the contacts app can actually be useful.

It's easy to draft an email from Notes.

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