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5 Apple iPhone Secret Features, which you may not Know

5 Apple iPhone Secret Features, which you may not Know
iPhone has become one of the best Smartphone of 2016 and is full of the features and great capabilities.

We have shared many tips and tricks about the latest iPhone 7 and older iPhone. Today in this article we are going to talk about 5 Secret iPhone features which will help you to get maximum out of your device.

How to Activate the Speak Screen Option on iPhone

Go to Settings, then General, then go to Accessibility and then Speech. Here, all you need to do is activate the option that says Speak Screen. Once activated, you need to swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen on any app you're in and the content of the screen will be read to you. This works for an eBook, article, notes and even email, USA Today reported.

How To Redial Quickly

In order to redial the last number you called from your smartphone, you can use a shortcut that will definitely save you a few taps. Here's how to do it.

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First off, you need to launch the Phone app, which is basically the iOS app with the photo of the telephone handset. Once that is on your screen, do not tap on the Recent tab, which has the picture of the clock face, instead, tap on the green call button in the main keypad screen. As soon as you tap the phone icon, the last number dialed by you automatically show up in the dialer. It's worth noting that the iPhone will not initiate the call automatically, according to Express.

Making Optimum Use Of 3D Touch

For those unaware, the 2015 and 2016 models of the Apple iPhone come equipped with the 3D Touch feature, that enables users to get more done without investing a lot of time. In order see a list of shortcuts you can use, just press down on app icons or notifications. For instance, if you press and hold the Camera icon from your home screen, you see a list of shortcuts using which you can take a selfie, record a video, shoot a slow-mo video and lot more.

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This can also be done from your locked iPhone, simply press and hold on a notification to see a list of useful options, such as replying to an iMessage without unlocking your iPhone.

Apple iPhone Has a Hidden Trackpad

If you want to change something while composing an email, message or note before you send or save it, simply press and hold on the keyboard and the cursor will automatically transform into a mouse-like trackpad. Now, keeping your finger/thumb on the screen, you can drag the cursor around until you reach the part of the text that you want to edit. You can also highlight text, just press a bit harder as you slide your finger and then let for the keyboard to appear again.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Flatbed Scanner

A slew of apps including Microsoft's free Office Lens can completely transform your smartphone into a flatbed scanner.

Just click a picture of a whiteboard, blackboard, receipt or business card or a document and the apps will digitize the pic on your device in a jiffy. You can trim each document after importing. Printed and handwritten text can be identified with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Afterward, this allows you to look for text using a keyword. Alternatively, you can digitize, copy and edit text and import what you have scanned into Microsoft Office apps such as Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, convert to PDF, save to other cloud storage or OneDrive.

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