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5 Facts that makes OnePlus 3T best phone of 2016

OnePlus 3T
5 Facts that makes OnePlus 3T best phone of 2016
2016 is on the verge of completing its tenure and it’s time to remind about the things which made the difference in the year. When we talk about the Smartphones, many good companies have launched their flagship phones in 2016. A company like an apple has launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but they charge "WOW" amount for their device (please note that I am not saying iPhone 7 is a bad device), but OnePlus is the only company which has launched two Flagship this year and killed the first one to promote second.

When we see the two devices launched this year from OnePlus is out of the world, both of device is a wonder for consumers.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the five aspects that make OnePlus 3T best smartphone of the year. 

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Value for Money

As a consumer, I see the value for money whenever I spend a single penny and hope every consumer thinks that way. So, the first point which makes OnePlus 3T the best device of 2016 is value for money. OnePlus 3T is priced $439 with the specs like Snapdragon 821 chipset, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of inbuilt Memory 16 MP front and Rear Camera, the list will keep on increasing. Don’t you feel this is the best you can get in that price bracket? I hope your Answer will be “Yes”.

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So, the point here is, OnePlus 3T is the Value for Money device launched in 2016 which can get you the hardware which can last for at least 2 years (still many companies are stuck with 4GB of RAM).

Design of the device is world-class

The device so nicely designs that anyone can fall in love with Phone and basic criteria of the flagship are, it should look premium. OnePlus 3T has the unibody, aluminum body, USB-C port, and elegantly refined design, which makes it look premium and classy. It’s the kind of phone you don’t want to put a case on so you can show off the back of it.

Gunmetal version of the device makes it look more than just premium. Overall design and feel of the device look premium and classy, which will tempt people around you to compliment your phone.

Fast Charging is really very fast

The biggest pain of the Smartphone is the battery life and charging time, some of the companies have worked very hard and integrated fast charging in their device, but believe me they are far behind the OnePlus 3T Dash Charging.

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Dash charging is OnePlus’s own proprietary system which powers the OnePlus 3T for fast charging, which helps in getting extremely fast charging times. OnePlus claims you can get a full battery charge in a half hour, which you can imagine is pretty handy when you forget to charge your phone overnight.  

We feel that Fast Charging is one of the key criteria for the new generation smartphone as it gives you freedom from wires faster.

Camera which clicks awesome Pictures

We understand that camera of the OnePlus 3T is not similar to what Pixel and iPhone are giving, but the device Camera front and rear both works great when it comes of clicking snaps.

The Rear camera of the device is 16 MP and has got sapphire glass coating – making the lens a lot sturdier and more resilient to damage for better image quality and great image.

Less Installed App

Why this is important is understood to all, keeping the requirement of space factory installed apps eats your phone's space unnecessarily. OnePlus 3T does not have a single application other than Google applications pre-installed, which gives you more space to configure your phone as per your requirement.

These are some 5 points which we feel makes OnePlus 3T the best phone of 2016. Do share your comments and opinion in the comment section below.

(PS: Please note that this is not the paid review of the device and opinion is the totally based on the experience of the writer with the device.)  

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