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5 iPhone 7 tips and tricks to turn you into a master of your device

 iPhone 7
5 iPhone 7 tips and tricks to turn you into a master of your device
If you have bought the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, we hope you are enjoying your device to the fullest, but if you are one of many who is unable to make maximum out of their device then we have brought 5 tips which will help you become the master of the device.

Change the pressure of the home button

Use the Force, young iPhone 7 owner. OK, stop waving your hand with a serious look on your face, and listen up. The new iPhone has traded in its traditional, mechanical Home button for a pressure-sensing static one that has a Taptic Engine motor behind it to offer some buzz-based feedback. You can tweak this to your tastes, too, with customizable levels of feedback.

By heading to Settings > General > Home Button you can pick which of the three levels of force you want coming back at your finger with every press. There's no trial-and-error-based guesswork needed, either. You can sample each of the three levels of feedback in real time before committing to one long term (or at least until you change your mind).

Don't charge your iPhone when it’s been in drink

Less of a tip, more a word of warning here. Yes, your new phone's waterproof – great, isn't it? – that doesn't mean you can dunk it in the drink and then plug it straight into charge, though. Although water and electronic devices might now mix, water and electricity still certainly don't. That's why Apple has advised that if your iPhone 7 is submerged, you should give it at least five hours drying time before plugging it into charge.

It's not just frying your still-damp phone you need to worry about, either. You should probably avoid opening the SIM tray shortly after a submersion too, lest a daring drop of the wet stuff wiggles its way into contact with some all-important circuitry. Sounds like a lot of rules, right? We're sure you won't mind them the next time you accidentally drop your phone down the loo and it comes out unscathed.

Master the hard reset

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" The sage words of wisdom passed on to anyone who's handled a piece of technology in the last three decades. Trouble is, if your iPhone 7 trips over itself and has a bit of a strop, there's no mechanical home button to press along with the power button as part of the traditional hard reset. Hmm.

Don't fret, though, a hard reset is still possible, it now just requires a slightly different configuration of presses. With the iPhone 7, hold the power button and volume down controls simultaneously for a few seconds to give it an official off/on cycle. Hopefully, now your issues will have abated.

Wake your phone simply by lifting it

OK, this is an easy one. Instead of tapping buttons or getting fingerprint friendly with Touch ID, you can now wake your phone simply by lifting it up. It doesn't matter whether it's been residing in your pocket or sat on the table, lift it a little and its screen will spring to life. It's that simple.

Find this screen-brightening, notification-displaying feature a little on the irritating side? Don't worry, you can toggle it on and off too simply by Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and flicking the switch to your desired position. Sorted.

Send texts without unlocking your phone

Urgent replies need never wait again. You can now reply without even unlocking your phone. Seriously. Saving precious seconds, the iPhone 7's updated lock-screen widgets mean replies can be tapped out without the need for a passcode.

How? Well, firmly pressing a received message on the lock screen will fling up a little reply window that lets you get your response in sharpish. Although slightly worrying when that arsehole mate we all have gets hold of your handset, there are privacy measures in place. Although you can reply without unlocking your phone, you'll need a passcode in order to view your entire message history.

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