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5 New features that has been included in the iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2, iPhone
Apple has released the new version of iOS for its iPhone and iPad user. New iOS 10.2 is full of new features. Some new feature includes TV app, poised to simplify video streaming in iOS by bundling all streaming services in a centralized location. But the new TV is just part of the iOS 10.2 parcel, and there are plenty more changes in the new software update to rave about.

Today in this article we are bringing some of the greatest features which have been included in the iOS 10.2.

The New TV App

The aforementioned TV app is possibly the biggest addition to iOS 10.2. Essentially a companion app geared for video streaming, the new TV app pulls all listings from video streaming services, save for Netflix, and recommends what to watch based on popularity and viewing history. From the app, users can select what they want to watch and the corresponding app will automatically open, starting the stream.

It's not exactly revolutionary by any means, but it does eliminate the cumbersome task of shifting to one video streaming service after another in search of a particular film or TV series. Netflix's absence could be an appalling deal-breaker, though, and Apple hopefully finds a way to make up for the loss.

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New Emoji

iOS 10.2 brings 104 new emoji, diversifying the breadth of the emoji library with the addition of pancakes, a person doing a cartwheel, and even wrestlers ready to plough. The huge selection simply proves that there's an appropriate emoji fit for every situation in the human experience.

Cable TV Single Sign-On

This is a big feature for those with cable subscriptions, provided that it supports Apple's single sign-on feature. Done are annoying and repetitive sign-on since this new feature saves log in credentials so entering them again next time won't be necessary. Users may enter and save login details in the Settings app, under "TV Provider," so compatible apps can pull the data from it, thereby removing the need to enter the same details for a new app each time.

Preserve Camera Settings

Photographers will marvel at this new feature, which allows users to set defaults for the camera app, doing away with fumbling with camera settings each time a user opens the shooter. To tinker with this new feature, head over to Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings and choose accordingly.
Screen Effects For Messages

Stickers in Apple's iMessage app isn't new, but the addition of screen effects is still a nice little visual treat. With iOS 10.2, Apple has added two screen effects — one called "love" which sends a sizable heart along with a message; and one called "celebration," which crowds the screen with sparklers. These are minor visual additions, sure, but at a time when SMS is greatly lagging behind, screen effects, alongside stickers, add a dynamic layer to modern forms of communication.

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