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5 reasons why Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone

iPhone and Pixel
5 reasons why Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone (image: Phone Arena)

Google has launched the pixel series phone by killing the nexus series and the best part is the device is under the brand name of Google.

So today in this article we are going to talk about the five things that show why pixel phones are better than the iPhone. Before we move ahead please note that the experience of iPhone taken here is with iPhone 6S not with iPhone 7.

The Pixel is lighter

My iPhone 6s Plus' weight (192 grams) never bothered me until I picked up the Google Pixel XL (168 grams). The iPhone 7 Plus is slightly lighter than the 6s Plus at 188 grams, but only by 4 grams, so I'd still consider the 7 heavy compared to the Pixel.

The Pixel's lighter weight has no ill effect on its reliability, and it's easier to manage in your hands.

Pixel's screen is stunning compared to iPhone

Above, the Pixel XL and iPhone 6s Plus are showing the same photo on full brightness (taken with the Pixel, by the way). The iPhone's LCD screen is nice, but the colors aren't as rich, and the contrast isn't as pronounced as on the Pixel's AMOLED display.
The Pixel's design is more utilitarian than it is beautiful, but its sharper AMOLED screen outshines the iPhone's Retina display.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 1080p screen that's fine and sharp enough, but the Pixel's 1440p screen is sharper.

More importantly, the Pixel's AMOLED screen makes everything it displays look better than on the iPhone's LCD display. Pictures, videos, and apps pop with inky blacks and vibrant (but not oversaturated) colors on the Pixel, which makes for a more premium and modern look overall.

Pixel Support Fast charging

Above, SuperSaf TV, a tech YouTube channel, tested the charging times of the Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus, and Galaxy S7 Edge with the chargers included in each phone's packaging. After two hours of charging, the Pixel XL is nearly 100 percent charged while the iPhone 7 Plus is dragging its feet at 72 percent. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S7 wiped the floor with the other two, having charged to 100 percent after an amazing one hour, 29 minutes.

Fast charging is actually a huge deal. The Pixel's USB-C fast charging is faster than the iPhone's comparatively slow charging, and it's one of the harder things to adjust to when I switch back to the iPhone.

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The Pixel is slightly smaller but has the same size screen

The difference is slight, but it's there and noticeable on a device you hold and use multiple times a day.

The iPhone is at the lower end in terms of screen-to-bezel ratio (67.7 percent) compared to the Pixel XL (71.2 percent).

Pixel has better Battery life

if you are frustrated with the battery life of the phone then, believe me, you will definitely be happy with the battery life of the pixel.

The Pixel squeezes in a non-removable 2,770mAh power pack. That's bigger than the battery in the iPhone 7 (1,960mAh), gives better performance when compared with another android device.

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