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6 Common Mistakes Everyday Users Make with iPhone & iPad

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6 Common Mistakes Everyday Users Make with iPhone & iPad
iPhone and iPad is without question are the best device available in the market in their respective category, and their popularity worldwide says all the stories.

If you are an Apple Fan like me you will agree with me that mastering an iPhone 9 years back was much easier task, as the device was simple and have less features. But as the technology grew the device started getting more and more features and it made difficult to master the device.

This might be because of the lack of information we carry about our device. So, today in this article we are bringing you the six mistakes that iPhone and iPad users make in their day to day life.

Using an Unofficial Charger

At times when we lose our phone chargers, we may find ourselves in the market for a new phone charger. We browse through sites online and find dozens of nameless companies offering to sell chargers and at a cheap price. Apple's official charger, on the other hand, cost a lot. So, if you think you are saving some bucks buying the fake Apple charger, think again! Buying an official Apple charger may be by far your safest bet. Some cheap chargers have been known to damage your phone, and even start a fire.

Failing to Create Backup

Data Many people fail to create a backup for their data. As such, we cannot predict when a disaster will strike and then we can lose access to our phone. Besides, iPhones could be stolen, lost, damaged, or you might have left it at someone's party. So wouldn't it be good if you turned on the new device to find everything exactly how it was? If you back up your iPhone regularly, you won't lose anything if something happens to it. You could enable automatic iCloud backups in Settings. Apple gives 5GB of storage for free. You also can plug your phone into the computer and back it up through iTunes.


You might have noticed that when you install a new app, it asks permission to access your device and some other features. Most of the times a pop up will emerge asking you to turn on notifications for the app. While you may agree to all of these app requests, but importantly, you should say no to notifications. Why you need to turn it off, it's because notifications can be minor annoyances that buzz to get your attention. They might be useful for things like messaging apps on the other hand but for most apps like games, weather, and nearly everything else, notifications aren't worth the disturbance.

Enabling Passcode and/or Touch ID

Many people fail to or they don't enable a passcode or touch ID on their phones. Well, some may consider it an annoying task to unlock the device but if you lose your phone and it's unprotected, all kinds of sensitive information are readily available to whoever finds it. So it's best to make sure that you enable a passcode and/or Touch ID.

The App and Battery Myth

There have been many misconceptions about how you can save battery life by double-tapping the home button and manually closing out of all of your apps. However, this smartphone battery myth is very much false. If you didn't know closing your apps actually makes the battery work harder. How? Once you close the app you have to open it again and each time you open the app because the phone has to boot it from scratch rather than pulling it out of suspended animation, it uses more battery power. Nonetheless, Apple has made iOS smart enough that it can maximize the iPhone's battery life better. So you need to stop manually closing out of apps and leave that job to the phone itself.

Germs on Your iPhone & iPad

Well, having internet access in the bathroom has become a marvellous luxury that technology has bestowed upon us. But did you know that smartphones are often times tested positively for germs and bacteria! It has been said that they carry more germs than a toilet seat. So, make sure to take a disinfectant or an alcohol wipe for your iPhone screen and buttons, and clean it every once in a while.

These were some of the daily mistake we do with our iPhone and iPad, hope you have enjoyed the post and we believe this article will be helpful for you. 

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