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6 iOS 10 hidden features which will blow your Mind

iOS 10
6 iOS 10 hidden features which will blow your Mind
iOS the lifeline of the Apple mobile devices, every time Apple releases the new version of iOS it comes with some great hidden features which usually makes the OS stand ahead in the race.

Now when Apple has launched its new version of iOS 10 (currently iOS 10.2) there are some great hidden features in the new OS. So, if you are also looking for access to the hidden features of iOS 10 keep reading this article.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user looking to get a little bit more out of your device or if you happen to be a relative newcomer to iOS 10, you’ll definitely find some interesting and hopefully new tidbits about Apple’s mobile OS listed below.

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Open recently closed tabs in Safari

If you accidentally closed a few tabs in Safari, iOS 10 makes it easy to restore them. To do so, simply tap on the new tab icon and then long press on the “+”. From there, you’ll see a list of recently closed tabs you can revisit.

Access related photos

The Photos app in iOS 10 received a major revamp and is jam-packed with a number of cool new features. As an example, if you swipe up on a particular photo, you’ll not only see the location where the photo was taken, but you’ll also have the opportunity to view photos taken at the same location and to view additional photos of individuals who happen to appear in the picture you’re looking at.

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Incredibly smart photo searching

Thanks to Apple’s increased interest in machine learning, searching for photos of the object and even by individual people is now easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for photos where someone is wearing a fedora or simply looking for all the photos you have of your “pooch”, iOS 10 can differentiate from more than 4,000 different objects. If you haven’t yet played with this particular feature, it’s definitely worth taking for a spin.

Have Siri tell you who’s calling

If your phone is across the room and starts ringing, you can instruct Siri to tell you who’s calling before deciding if it’s worth walking over to answer it. Needless to say, this is a particularly helpful feature if you happen to be driving. To enable this feature, simply go to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls.

Search for a specific word or phrase on Safari

With a Safari page open, simply tap the share sheet and then select “Find on Page” from the horizontal list on the bottom.

Super quick access to Battery/Cellular Data/Wi-Fi controls

If you have an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7, you can take advantage of 3D Touch to more readily adjust commonly used settings like Battery and Wi-Fi. Simply apply a 3D press to the Settings icon and you’ll be well on your way.

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