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6 Secret iPhone Hacks that is unknown to world

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6 Secret iPhone Hacks that is unknown to world
iPhone is one of the powerful mobile device presents in the market, either be it performance, security or any other area of the device they are leading.

The device is packed with lots of features and hidden tricks to use them, we at App Gyaan brings lots of hacks and tricks for our readers and continuing the same partner, today we have some great tips for all those who thinks they know all about iPhone.

As we always say iPhone has something new every time you deep dive it. In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 secret features of iPhone, which will make your iPhone experience better than you ever dreamed.

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Never Use Passcode "1234" Again!

Secret iPhone hacksEven amateur hackers make cracking a 4-digit password look like child's play.

That's why Apple makes it easy to create a password that's more complex.

Click Settings > General > Passcode Lock to turn off the simple passcode -- then enter something that's harder to figure out.

Know What Your iPhone Knows About You

Have you ever checked out the "Frequent Locations" on your iPhone?

It's amazing (and kind of scary)!

Your iPhone knows where you hang out the most and is prepared to reveal these locations anytime.

Be careful out there. ;)

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Access Numbers Super Quickly

Tired of using the numerical keypad to type numbers in an email or text?

There's a hack for that!

Just hold the "123" button and slide to the numbers you need. Your iPhone should then revert to the original keypad.

Tell Siri Your Relationships

iPhone-secretsHave you ever told Siri to simply call your "husband"?

How about your "mom" or "son"?

Siri can do it with one easy hack.

Ask Siri to call your "dad" and your phone should respond by asking who your father is. Next time Siri will reach your dad straight away.

Match the right contact and it'll only take a "Call dad" to get your pops on the horn.

Turn Off Autofocus in a Tap

Autofocus got you down?

Are you the kind of photographer who likes to do it yourself?

You can turn off your iPhone's autofocus when the nagging little feature gets in the way.

In camera mode, hold the screen until you see "AE/AF Lock."

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Invert Display Colors to Browse at Night

Want to browse at night without disturbing everyone in the room?

Apple's got you covered!

Just invert the iPhone display colors -- it's easier on the eyes and you can surf the web and email without waking your spouse and kid.

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