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6 secret iPhone SMS tricks you need to know

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6 secret iPhone SMS tricks you need to know
The most used App in the iPhone is the messaging app, all most all of us uses the app every day, but the question is, are you getting the maximum out of your Messaging app?

We've got some fun tips and tricks to show you how to do more with your SMS, MMS, and iMessage communications.

These Six tips will help get the maximum out of your iPhone Messaging app.

Respond like a ninja

If you're in a rush you can respond to a message in seconds with a pre-loaded response.

Simply tap and hold the message you received and you'll see the option to react with a heart, thumbs up or down, the phrase "ha ha," exclamation marks or a question mark.

Customize messages to brush off callers

More polite than just cutting off an incoming caller, the iPhone gives you the option to send them a short message explaining why you're not answering.

There are three messages Apple pre-loads by default, but you can change these to better suit your own circumstances.

Head to Settings, then Phone, then Respond with Text. Here, you can overtype Apple's messages. 

Now when someone calls and you can't answer, simply hit the Message icon towards the bottom right to see the three responses you can reply with.

Send selectively read receipts

By default, read receipts are turned off, however, iOS 10 has brought the ability to turn the functionality on for certain contacts, rather than give blanket permissions to all.

This could be useful if you want your significant other to know you've read their message but don't want your mom to know you've seen her latest mammoth missive.

If you do want to turn on read receipts for everyone that requests one, go to Settings, Messages, then toggle Send Read Receipts to on.

Markup photo messages

iOS 10 brings Apple's "Markup" functionality to Messages. It's a quick way to highlight something or add a quick annotation to imagery you can then send via iMessage or MMS.

To markup, your pics, go into your Messages app, tap the camera icon to access your Camera Roll, then, rather than just tapping an image to add it to the message, press and hold the photo.

This then brings up the image with the options to Markup or Edit at the bottom of the screen.

Shake to undo typing

In Messages, there's a handy trick that means you can shake to undo what you've just typed. It may be more of a novelty feature for some, but there is something satisfying about deleting text with a big old' gesture.

Simply shake your iPhone, then select Undo to delete what you've just typed.

Use your iPhone in landscape mode

If you turn your iPhone sideways in the Messages app, you'll go into landscape mode. This gives you a larger text window to type.

Plus users will also get more options to the left of their screens, as well as a split screen view showing their most recent messages.

If you have small hands, you may not find this format the easiest to thumb type on, but others may prefer having increased options available to them from the one screen. 


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