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9 cool things that your iPhone can do and you are unaware about it

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9 cool things that your iPhone can do and you are unaware of it
iPhone is full of cool features and awesome specifications, that makes the user's life easier. The device is something to offer for everyone, unfortunately, many of us are unaware of many amazing features are hidden away in this little device. Here are a few of them! While you might know about a handful of these, several should surprise you.

So, let’s start the list and yes you can thank us later J.

It tracks every location you’ve been to

That’s right. Your iPhone has tracked every location you’ve been at since you activated it. To see how creepy your iPhone is, go to settings, privacy, location services, system services, and check out the “frequent locations” option. It can be quite eye-opening to see a complete history of everywhere you’ve been

Its performance is more customizable than you think

Have an iPhone 4S and sick of all the stutters caused by iOS7? Go to settings, general, accessibility, and turn on the “reduce transparency” option located under “increase contrast.” Also, turn off “reduce motion.” Now, your iPhone should run about as well as it did under iOS6, with all of the software upgrades of 7!

You can set your phone to perform certain actions when triple clicking the home button

Within the aforementioned accessibility settings, there’s an option at the very bottom of the page called “Accessibility Shortcut.” From there, you can program your home button to activate zoom, assisted touch, voice over controls, and other features with a triple click.

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You can close more than one app at a time!

When I upgraded to latest iOS, I found the app-closing procedure to be an annoying and time-consuming process. No longer! Turns out you can close multiple apps at a time by swiping up with two or three fingers.

Its performance improves when you clean its hard drive

Always try to leave at least two gigabytes free on your iPhone. Anything less and it will start to slow down considerably.

It tracks popular apps near your location

There’s a little innocuous option located at the bottom of the app store called “Near Me” that’ll literally show you the most popular apps in your immediate area. Usually, these will include local news apps or bus schedule apps for the town you’re in. Useful if you are in a new area!

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It changes the contrast of background images to make text more visible

Afraid that the background image you want to use is too bright, thus making the text too hard to read? Fear no longer. With the latest iOS update, your iPhone will automatically adjust the contrast of such images so that you can still see the clock on the lock screen and the text below your apps.

It allows you to take a picture using its volume buttons!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen fellow iPhone owners try and hit that white circle on the screen to take a picture instead of the much more easily accessible volume buttons. Now you can be cool and start using your iPhone as if it were an actual camera too!

It has a built in back button

Unlike a lot of android phones, the iPhone has no dedicated back button. To essentially achieve the same effect, however, just swipe your finger from the left edge of your screen to the right. It’ll take you back to the page you were previously on.

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