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Five tips for OnePlus 3T Users

OnePlus 3T, OnePlus
Five tips for OnePlus 3T Users
OnePlus has launched two flagship devices and both the devices were best in the market in their price segment. The recent launch is the OnePlus 3T. A device which is loaded with the specifications and features.

But as I always say, great features come with the hidden technology. So if you have just bought the glossy new OnePlus 3T and in this article, you are going to learn Five tips which will help you get maximum out of your device.

How to customize and remove the Shelf

For the OnePlus 3T, OnePlus has beefed up Google's Android OS with its own custom user interface (or 'launcher' to give it the proper term), known as Oxygen OS. This basically changes up the look of vanilla Android and adds in some funky new features.

One of the best features of Oxygen is the Shelf, which can be called up by flicking your finger right across the home screen. The Shelf takes up a full desktop page and gives you quick access to your favorite contacts and apps, as well as any essential info that you like.

You can customize the OnePlus 3T Shelf in a few different ways. For instance, you can long-press on one of the widgets and then drag it up or down the Shelf when it 'pops' free, to re-order. You can also resize each widget, or remove it entirely. Want to add a new widget? Hit the plus symbol at the bottom right corner and you can stick in something else that you'll find helpful.

Don't like the Shelf? Not a problem. If you want to disable it, just press your finger on the recent apps button (to the right of the home button, beneath the screen) until a menu pops up. Next, tap 'customize' and then swipe left. There's a switch in this menu to disable the Shelf.

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How to remove or edit the Google Search bar from OnePlus 3T

We love Google with all of our cold, blackened hearts, but that Google Search bar on the OnePlus 3T's desktops really is like a big pile of dog mess sat on a freshly mowed lawn. It sticks out for all the wrong reasons and we reckon you're best off taking it around the back of the barn with a shotgun.

Thankfully you can easily make the Google Search bar transparent or remove it entirely by long-pressing the recent apps button (or on any free space on your desktops) and then tapping 'Customise' in the menu that pops up. From here you can set the Search bar to be see-through or get rid of it (and don't forget to hit 'save' at the top after).

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Easier one-handed operation

The OnePlus 3T isn't exactly easy to handle with one mitt, thanks to its mighty 5.5-inch design. Thankfully Oxygen OS adds a handy gesture, which allows you to drag down the notifications bar by swiping your finger down the screen from any point rather than the very top of the display.
This feature is active by default but can be deactivated if you so wish. Just long-press the recent apps button or any free desktop space and hit 'customize' in the menu which appears. Flick your finger left to reach the second menu screen and tap the 'Quick Notifications' switch to turn it off.

What is Dash Charge?

Dash Charge is the super-nippy OnePlus 3T charging tech which can power up the phone's battery in just over an hour, or give you an impressive 60 percent charge from just half an hour at the mains. That's significantly faster than Quick Charge 3.0. Check out our full Dash Charge review for more info.

How to quick launch the camera on OnePlus 3T

To open the OnePlus 3T's camera in just a second or two, simply double-tap the power button at any time. This immediately loads up the camera app, ready to take a snap.

How to shoot RAW images on the OnePlus 3T's camera

Pro photographers who want a high-res image that they can quickly and easily edit on the fly can shoot RAW images on the OnePlus 3T.

To turn on RAW image capture in the OnePlus 3T's camera, you need to tap the modes icon in the left corner of the app. As well as the list of camera modes, you'll notice a cog icon appear in the top corner of the screen. Tap this and you can turn on RAW photo capture, as well as toggle the save location and shutter sound.


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