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Five tips to make you master of "Super Mario"

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Five tips to make you master of Super Mario
After the long wait for around 4 months, the time finally arrived where people have got a chance to play a much-waited game on iPhone, after its announcement.

Yep, Super Mario Run is out on iOS right now. The game is mostly similar to what you probably wasted your childhood on, but there’s also a bunch of good and bad changes to the classic.

Super Mario Run is now available for download on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as long as you are on iOS 8.0 and above. In today article we are bringing you some of the coolest tips that will help you to become a master of Super Mario. Here’s what you need to know to master the game.

Super Mario Run modes

Super Mario Run consists of three modes. You’re probably going to spend the most time in World Tour, which is the traditional Mario experience — traversing six worlds across 24 levels to save Princess Peach. There’s Kingdom Builder, which lets you customize your little Mushroom Kingdom, and Toad Rally — which is the game’s multiplayer mode, pitting you against your friends. You can check out the finer points for the Super Mario Run modes here.

Super Mario Run coins — collect them all

We can’t stress on this enough. Aside from the obvious gold ones that you can spend in-game, keep an eye out for the pink, purple, and black coins. Getting all five of these unlocks variations of the same level you just played in World Tour mode. That's great for the replayability of the game.

Super Mario rewards

If you sign in to your Nintendo account you get points. These can be used to obtain rewards. These include Luigi and Yoshi. Logging for the first time grants you Toad as well. Other goodies include decorations for your Mushroom Kingdom that can be used in the Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder mode.

Super Mario Run My Nintendo daily challenges help you earn more points

Another benefit of linking your My Nintendo account is the daily challenges. Be it adding friends or completing levels, they’re varied and you can accrue points to use for the aforementioned rewards easily.

Super Mario Run Toad Rally isn’t all about winning

Super Mario Run’s Toad Rally mode is Nintendo’s take on multiplayer, but there’s more to it than just beating your opponent. You could gain a higher score by collecting more coins. Performing stylish moves aside from letting you impress more Toads — that you can let you obtain more items in Kingdom Builder mode, allows you to fill up a Coin Rush gauge. This lets you earn more coins. At the end of a Toad Rally, the number of coins along with Toads impressed is key collecting everything the game has to offer.

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