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These hidden iOS 10 features will change the way you use your iPhone & iPad

These hidden iOS 10 features will change the way you use your iPhone & iPad
Whether you have bought a new best ever iPhone 7 or if you are a 10-year-old iPhone user, you will agree with me that software of iPhone has always some new things to offer and with iOS 10 the things has been taken to next level, now iOS 10.1, that is literally impossible to know about all of them. 

We have shared lots of tips and tricks for iOS with our readers, but today we have brought 7 such hidden feature which has been shared by iOS users on the Reddit and believe us we think you should check them out.

Access 3rd Party keyboards on lock-screen

iOS limits your ability to use 3rd party keyboards like Gboard on the lock screen, right? Well if you put your finger on the home button, without pressing it, then reply to a text on your lock-screen you can use any of your keyboards.

Access vertical section in 3rd party apps

In certain apps that have multiple vertical sections (e.g. YouTube on iPad) you can tap at the top of each section individually to get only that section to scroll to the top.

Trigger app switcher

To trigger app switcher simply drag your finger to the centre shortly after 3D touching the edge. A full swipe directly brings you to the next app, while stopping in the middle invokes the full app switcher. This should make it far quicker in comparison.

iOS 10 Safari Tips:
  • Close all tabs: iOS 10 brought about a new feature that we’ve desperately needed for quite some time — the ability to close all open tabs in one fell swoop. To close all tabs, simply tap and hold the Tab Switcher button followed by the Close Tabs button.
  • Access recently closed tabs: Accidentally close a tab that you don’t mean to? You can easily access recently closed tabs by tapping the Tab Switcher button and long-pressing the New Tab button.
  • Access back and forward history: Safari allows you to quickly access back and forward history via a long-press on either the Back or Forward buttons in the bottom left-hand corner of the Safari interface.
  • Quickly add sites to Bookmarks, Reading List, or Shared Links: If you’re visiting a page that you’d like to access later, a long-press on the Bookmark button will lend direct access to the Add Bookmark, Add to Reading List, or Add to Shared Links options.
  • Paste and Go/Paste and Search: If you have a URL or a term that you’d like to search for stored in the iOS clipboard, a simple long-press on Safari’s address bar will reveal either a Paste and Go option (for URLs) or a Paste and Search option (for search terms).

Hack your iPhone setting

You can hack some settings to make an instant low-light mode by triple-clicking the home button.
Go Settings > General > Accessibility.

Check out the Zoom settings and turn zoom on. Your screen will zoom in but don't panic! Just double-tap three fingers to bring up the menu and tap zoom out.

Scroll down to the bottom and there should be an option that says 'Zoom Filter'. Choose Low light. Your screen should dim a bit now.

Go back to the Accessibility settings and all the way at the bottom is an option for the Accessibility Shortcut. Go into it and set the option for zoom.

Now, when you triple-click the home button the screen will go back to your regular brightness.

I use this most frequently at night in bed and when I go to sit down in a movie theater but you could do it in any dark setting where you don't want your screen glaring in your face. This is much faster than opening the control center and choosing a different brightness setting.

Specially for non-English speaker users, teach Siri to pronounce your name right:
  • Tell Siri "Say my name".
  • If you think Siri is not saying your name properly tap the mic icon and say "that´s not how you pronounce my name" (of course tell this in your language or the iPhone language)
  • Siri will ask you how to pronounce your name. Tell her how should it be pronounced.
  • Siri will provide three pronunciation options, tap play on each to hear your name. Tap to select the one you prefer.
Enable Magnifier on your device

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier set to On. A triple click on the home button now lets you read anything without reading glasses!

If you have some similar tips which can be shared with our reader, do share that in the comment section below.

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