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10 tips to get Maximum out iPhone & iPad Battery

iPhone Battery
10 tips to get Maximum out iPhone & iPad Battery
Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful with every passing day, but the biggest problem we face with our Smartphone is the battery. It’s important to take good care of battery to avoid unnecessary and untimely hassles. There are smartphones with batteries powerful enough to last one day of heavy usage, but when we talk about the iPhone and iPads, they have some known battery issues.

In that scenario, we should understand know some of the tips that can help you save more power and increase efficiency on your Apple devices. Today in this article we are bringing you 10 tips which will help you get maximum out of your iPhone and iPad Battery.

Update Your iDevice To the Latest Software

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, updating your device to the latest version of OS X, iOS or watchOS will do the trick. The software updates are packed with advanced energy-saving technologies, so always ensure that your device runs the most recent version.

If you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, for instance, you can update your device to the latest software by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

Disable Automatic Downloads

Automatic downloads tend to use up battery without you ever knowing it. If you don’t want apps to get downloaded automatically, you can save battery by turning this feature off. To disable automatic downloads – 
  • Head to Settings -> iTunes & App Store
  • Once under Automatic Downloads, toggle the switch off next to Apps, Books & Audiobooks, Updates, and Music

Avoid Exposing Your iDevice To High Temperatures

Refrain from exposing your device to temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging its battery capacity. Charging the device and storing it at high temperatures can damage it even more.

Remove the Device’s Case When Charging

Make sure to remove the style case of your device when you are charging it as it may generate excess heat. The heat can have an effect on its battery capacity. When you observe that your device gets hot, you have to take it out from its case.

Charge It Around 50 Percent When Storing the Device

If you would like to keep your device for a long time, you must have it half-charged. Once you store the device fully charged long term, this leads to your device having a shorter battery life. In contrast, whenever you store it fully discharged, the battery could result in a deep discharge state. On top of that, you should also keep it in a moisture-free, cool environment that’s lower than 32 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If, however, you intend to use the device after keeping it for some time, you may need to charge it for 20 minutes with the original adapter prior to using it.

Switch off Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth When Not in Use

Having Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth on 24×7 is the best way to run out of charge. When not in use, turning off Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth can help save a significant amount of battery.

Optimize Your iDevice’s Settings

The following techniques are surefire ways in optimizing the device’s battery life:
  • Adjust the brightness of your screen. You have to enable the auto-brightness of your device or dim its screen.
  • Make use of Wi-Fi rather than a cellular network when accessing data on your iPhone or iPad, since Wi-Fi connection consumes lesser power as opposed to the latter.

For your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, in the meantime, you have to turn off your Wi-Fi when you are not using it, as it eats up power. It may also help if you quit apps and disconnect peripherals that are not in use. Ejecting an SD card on your laptop can likewise help save your laptop's battery life.

Turn Off Location Services

GPS is power hungry and can drain the battery very fast. Disabling location services can help you extend battery life. To disable location services, follow these steps – 

  • Head to Settings -> Privacy
  • Tap on Location Services. You will see a toggle switch next to location services.
  • Toggle the switch off and tap on Turn Off at the bottom to confirm.

Activate Your Device’s Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode is a handy feature introduced with iOS 9. When your iPhone, for instance, goes down to 20 percent and 10 percent, it will allow you to enable this feature with only one tap. You can also manually configure it by heading over to Settings > Battery.

Activating the Low Power Mode of the device will significantly lessen its brightness, reduces the system animations and optimizes its performance. This will instantly be switched off when you recharge your phone.

Check Out Your Battery Usage

You are able to analyze your battery usage by going to Settings > Battery. 
  • Moreover, you can further optimize your device’s battery life by carrying out these strategies:
  • Disable the feature allowing apps to refresh in the background by heading to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Turn off a particular app’s Location Services by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • Disable your push notifications on a particular app by going to Settings > Notifications. Hit the app and switch it off.
  • Switching to the Airplane mode can also help big in maximizing the battery life of your device when you are in an area with low or without cell coverage.

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