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24 iOS 10 Tips & Tricks for iPhone & iPad (Part 1)

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24 iOS 10 Tips & Tricks for iPhone & iPad (Part 1)
Apple delivered iOS 10 to the iPhone and iPad as a free update in September 2016 and iOS 10.2.1 in early 2017. Whether you’ve used iOS 10 for months or you just installed it, there is a lot to learn.

Most iPhones are on iOS 10 or on the newer iOS 10.2.1 update that includes new features that we will show you how to use.

So let’s start the list…

Open the iPhone Camera from the Lock Screen

To open the iPhone camera from the lock screen you need to swipe in from the right edge of the screen. On iOS 9 you had to swipe up from the bottom right corner, but that will now only open the Control Center. If you do open the Control Center, you can 3D Touch the camera icon to jump into the camera mode you want.

Delete Stock Apple Apps

iOS 10 lets you delete stock Apple apps. this frees up a very small amount of room and it also allows you to remove them from your Home Screen without stashing them in a folder. You can always re-install them from the App Store. Hold down on any app icon and then when they start to wiggle, tap the X on the stock iPhone apps you want to delete.

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Stay Logged Into TV Apps

The iOS 10.2 update includes a new TV app. In addition to offering a single place to see the TV shows and movies that you are currently watching it solves a major issue.

You can sign in to your TV provider here and then it will keep you signed into the individual apps that networks and premium providers use.

To get started, go to Settings -> TV -> and sign into your provider. You will then see options to connect accounts to the TV app.

Keep Track Of Your Movies and TV Shows

Another great thing you can do in iOS 10.2 and higher is open the TV app to see where you are in the shows and movies you are watching. This shows on your iPhone, iPad and on the new Apple TV as well.

Just open the app to see what’s next and see what else you can watch.

Use Split View in Safari on iPad

When you are browsing a web page in Safari on the iPad you can now open up two pages next to each other. Press and hold on a link and then choose Open in Split view to launching two web pages next to each other. You can use each page independently. It’s awesome for comparison shopping.
How to Change Flashlight Brightness

The iPhone flashlight on iOS 10 now supports 3D touch so that you can choose the brightness. Open the Control Center and then 3D Touch on the flashlight icon to choose the intensity of the light. It’s very handy for times when you just need a little light to find your Lightning cable and you don’t want to light up the bedroom.

How to Read Only Unread Email in iOS 10

Do you use the Mail app to read your email? if so this is an amazing iOS 10 tips that will save you loads of time when you are trying to catch up on email.

At the bottom of the Mail app screen, tap on the circle with three lines in it. This lets you filter your Inbox. By default, this will show you only unread messages. You can also tap in the center to change the filter if you need to see Flagged or if you want to only see messaged that are to you, cc’d to you, with attachments or only from a VIP.

How to Find Related Photos Fast

When you are looking at a photo in iOS 10 slides up to see related photos in the form of Moments and slide up more to Show Photos from this day. You can also Tap on Details to see this information and if saved the location of the photo.

How to Go Back to Touch to Unlock

If you don’t like the new press to unlock option in iOS 10, you can go back to the way it was in iOS 9. This will take you back to rest to unlock and will unlock your iPhone as soon as you put your finger on the home button. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Rest Finger to Open -> On. Here’s more on this change.

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How to Edit Live Photos

You can edit Live Photos in iOS 10. Now you can crop, edit and even add filters to Live Photos without losing the Live part of the photo. Take a Live Photo and tap on edit. That’s all there is to it. You can also turn off the Live part of the photo if you don’t like it.

Search for Specific People in Photos

The iOS 10 Photos app can now show you photos of people using Facial Recognition. In the Photos app, you can to Albums -> People to see people that are identified and to identify more people. You can also ask Siri to show you photos of a specific person and she will show you all the photos of that individual.

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