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24 iOS 10 Tips & Tricks for iPhone & iPad (Part 2)

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24 iOS 10 Tips & Tricks for iPhone & iPad (Part 2)
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Send Handwritten Notes in Messages

You can send handwritten notes through Messages on iOS 10. These appear as a written message on the other user’s screen. You can choose from pre-written beautiful handwritten messages or you can scribble out your own with your finger. You can turn your phone sideways to landscape to see these options, or you can access it by tapping on the App Store icon in Messages.

How to Messages Special Effects

The Messages app is brand new in iOS 10 with a ton of exciting new features. One of these is the ability to send messages with special effects. You can change the way text comes in on the screen and you can also add a whole screen effect.

3D Touch the send button after you write a message and then choose a special effect to send the message with. You can tap on Screen and swipe left or right to change the screen effects.

Replace Words with Emoji in iOS 10

iOS 10 lets you quickly replace words with Emoji in Messages. When you type a message out, tap on the Emoji button on your keyboard and it will highlight words you can change to Emoji. Tap on the orange words to replace them with Emoji in a second.

How to Send a Quick Reply to Messages

Tap and hold on a message inside a conversation in iOS 10 and you will now see Tap back options. These quick reply options let you respond to a message like you would a Facebook status. You can heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, share !! or share a ?? which shows up on their screen next to the message.

How to Send Photos Fast in Messages

The new iOS 10 Messages app makes it super-fast to send photos in a conversation. Tap on the camera icon and you can now quickly take a photo with the front or rear cameras. Slide to the right to access recent photos. Slide to the left to go to your library or launch the full camera app.

How to Speak Messages in iOS 10

You can speak messages in iOS 10, similar to how you could in iOS 9. This isn’t dictation, but actually sending a short voice message inside Messages. Apple changed how this works in iOS 10. Go to Messages, open a message and then hold the microphone icon to start recording. You don’t need to hold it the whole time. When you are done you can tap on Stop and then you can tap the up arrow to send the message. Messages expire soon after you play them.

How to Send Links in Messages

When you paste a link in Messages for iOS 10 it will now include a preview. When you get a message with a video or link in it, you will see a small preview of it that you can tap on to go to the full-page. If you get a Video link to YouTube you can tap on it to play it right in messages. There is a speaker icon that you can tap to control the sound for that video.

How to Use Digital Touch in Messages

Digital Touch is no longer something that only Apple Watch users are able to enjoy. With iOS 10, you can send a Digital Touch message to another user right from the revamped Messages app. Tap on the small heart with two fingers on it next to the text box to open this up. From here you can send traps, send your heartbeat, send a kiss, send disappearing digital graffiti and more.

Share Notes & Collaborate on Notes

You can share notes in iOS 10 using the stock Notes app. This is an amazing way to get a group’s thought’s on a single document or to simply invite someone to join your grocery list. Open a note and then tap on the small circle with people in its icon to add people to the Note. Anyone you invite can make changes to the note.

How to Know if a Call is Spam or a Scam

Download the HiYa app to bring better call blocking and notifications to your iPhone. You download this app and then turn it on in Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification. Once enabled you will see alerts if the number is connected to spam or a scam. It’s an amazing way to get rid of annoying calls.

How to Use the New iOS 10 Control Center

The iOS 10 Control Center doesn’t just let you choose how bring the flashlight is. You can swipe to the right to access your music information and again to control your HomeKit connected devices right from the Control Center. Watch how this works in the video above.

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