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5 Tips for iPhone and iPad to make you master of your device

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5 Tips for iPhone and iPad to make you master of your device
iPhone has completed 10 glorious years and will go a long way. If you are an iPhone or iPad user you must be aware of what I am talking writing, the device which is a great combination of software and hardware.

As we all know great technology have great hidden features and to get those feature you need tips. So today in this article we are going to talk about the five features of iPhone and iPad which will make you master of your device.

Zoom your iPhone Display

Do you ever have trouble reading your iPhone without your reading glasses? Or perhaps you have a hands-free holder in your car that places your screen just far enough away that it's hard to read maps or directional prompts? Here's a quick way to instantly make everything on your screen a bit bigger.

The feature is called Display Zoom. Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> View >> Display Zoom.

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See every photo and video you’ve sent

Do you ever look back over the photos and videos you've texted someone? We all have. After all, no one takes more meaningful pictures about your life than you. Or, maybe you'd love to look through the collection of photos that someone has texted you.

You may not realize there's a really simple way to take a look back at all the photos and videos you've sent someone. It's like a scrolling timeline that'll make you laugh and bring a tear to your eyes.

Here's how: From Messages, open the message thread with that person >> press Details in the upper-right corner of the screen. From there you can view all the photo attachments sent to that person.

Speed up your iPhone with better restart

The next time your iPhone starts slowing down, give it some pep with a restart. But, before you lose all the apps you've got open, do this instead.

Simply hold down your power button until you see the message, "Slide to Power Off." Then hold down your home button for about five seconds.

Your iPhone will open up a refreshed homepage. It'll look unchanged, but when you tap on any of your apps, they'll reload. The best part is, you should notice your iPhone running faster, too.

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Charge your super-fast

Say you only have a few minutes to grab as much battery recharge as you can, maybe before boarding a flight or going into a meeting. Putting your phone in Airplane Mode will allow it to charge just a bit faster.

Airplane Mode turns off all the radios, including cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Apple gadget. Not only does that save the juice that it would have been using to power those transmitters, your gadget won't suddenly begin downloading a big email attachment.

Here's how: To access Airplane Mode >> swipe up from the bottom of your Home Screen to open the Control Center >> tap the airplane icon on the far left. You can also go into Settings and slide Airplane Mode to on. It'll turn green and a plane symbol will show up in the top left corner of the screen.

Do you have more than just a couple of minutes? To charge the fastest in a hurry, turn off your phone so it draws no power at all.

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Use Alpha-Numeric Passcode

Be default, iPhones only allow a four-digit number as your screen-lock passcode. Apple calls this Simple Passcode for a reason. Do the math on that and you'll realize that allows just 10,000 passcode combinations. Now consider that someone watching you might see the simple combination you use to enter your passcode. Or, someone who knows you well might guess your four-digit passcode based on your birthday, street address or another PIN you use a lot.

There's a more secure, easy way to create an iPhone passcode.

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