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6 tips for iOS 10 to make maximum out of your iPhone and iPad

iOS 10
6 tips for iOS 10 to make maximum out of your iPhone and iPad 

Apple has released new iOS 10 for all the supported device and is the best till date. The OS has some really cool features and has lots of new possibilities for iPhone and iPad users.

Today in this article we are bringing 6 tips for you to make maximum out of your device, these tips will be helpful for new and old iPhone and iPad users.

Pick up your iPhone to see notifications

If you want to check on your notifications without pushing buttons (or going straight past the lock screen thanks to Touch ID), use the new ‘raise to wake’ feature built into iOS 10, which works exactly as it sounds like it might. Pick up your phone, and the lock screen appears. Note that it’s only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and the new models, and you can disable it through Display & Brightness in the Settings app.

Be more expressive with emoji

More than 100 new emojis have been added in iOS 10, according to Apple, so there’s no excuse for not being able to find a small colorful picture to reflect your mood or feelings. A lot of the new icons give you the option of male or female versions of existing emoji, but there are also additions such as a rainbow flag and a single-parent family. Many of the current icons have new designs too. Tap the emoji button on the keyboard to see them.

Launch the camera faster than ever before

Here’s another lock screen-related tip. Whether you’re using raised to wake to see the lock screen or pressed the Sleep/Wake button instead, a single swipe to the left gets you straight into the camera where you can start snapping away. In iOS 9, you had to swipe up on the camera icon, and this is a little easier. There’s no way to turn the feature off, but access to the photo library is blocked when the camera app is launched in this way.

Turn read receipts on or off for each conversation

There may be some people in your life who you’re happy to let know whenever you read one of their messages. There could be others where you’d rather not share that information. In iOS 10, you can turn read receipts on or off on a per-conversation basis. Tap the “i” icon at the top of any conversation and you’ll see a new Send Read Receipts switch you can toggle on or off. This only works with iMessage threads, not with standard SMS messages.

Deal with notifications on the lock screen

Apple has also revamped the way notifications work with iOS 10, giving you even more inline functionality than iOS 9, especially if you don’t want to have to open the app in question. One example of this is showing full conversation threads in Messages. What you get depends on the app, but if you hard-press an alert (or swipe left and tap View for non-3D Touch devices) you can see what options you have. Instantly canceling an Uber ride is one trick already available.

Remove some of the stock apps

Thanks, Apple. iOS 10 finally lets you uninstall some of the stock apps, like... Stocks. The process is the same, just tap and hold on an app icon to see the small cross button, but when you do this in iOS 10 you’ll see more of them can be removed including Maps, Podcasts, and Contacts. If you start missing them, you can reinstall all apps from iTunes. There are still some that won’t budge, however, including Messages, Health, Safari, and the Clock app.

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