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Five Smartphone technologies which will make mark in 2017

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Five Smartphone technologies which will make mark in 2017
The smartphone market is heating up and every player is trying to do something new. New technologies are griping in the market and today we have brought five Smartphone technologies which will make a mark in 2017.

Dual Camera Setup

Dual Camera is a technology which is gaining attention in the market. Started by LG and later on introduced by Apple in iPhone 7Plus, technology is becoming the baseline for Smartphone as many companies are gearing or introducing dual back camera Smartphones. 

If you have not heard about the dual camera setup in Smartphone, then in simple words “The built-in dual camera is actually a dual lens camera which is also called stereo camera and makes the picture more vivid and detailed. A stereo camera is a type of camera with two or more lenses with a separate image sensor or film frame for each lens.”

With the speed technology is growing, it is expected that dual camera setup will be one of the key points while considering a Smartphone.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging is one of the basic needs for today’s lifestyle. We are struggling with time and dependency has increased on our Smartphone, so no one wants to waste time waiting for the charge to get completed or to be plugged in socket always. Which make Fast-Charging a must have feature.

A company like OnePlus has taken fast charging to next level and same will be expected from the other Smartphone vendors as well.

Keeping the fact of need in mind, we can say that Fast – Charging will also be one of the key criteria while deciding the Smartphone in 2017, which will lead to its adaptation by vendors.

Bazel Less Display
Bazel Less Display is the new thing that is being promoted in the market by the different companies. Xiaomi’s latest handset Mi Mix is one of the examples of Bazel less display.

If we look the in the history, the concept of a bazel-less screen isn't new. OEMs have been down that road before. Japanese major Sharp has been building them for as long as one can remember. Sharp's Aquos Crystal was nothing short of an engineering marvel of its time. Sadly, its borderless display was the one and only highlight of the Aquos Crystal. The phone was found lacking in almost all other departments.

If the leaks are to be believed, Samsung’s new Smartphone Galaxy S8 will feature Bazel less display.

If we see the current scenario Bazel less display will be one of the focused sectors in the Smartphone market for 2017.   

Flexible and Wearable Smartphones

Technology is changing and with changing technology Smartphone screens are also changing, Bazel less and curved display are some of the examples for this. But the next big thing coming in the Smartphones are Flexible and Wearable capabilities. 

Today represents a new era in which flexibility and wearability are becoming keywords in the dynamics of mobile phones. Screens will soon be able to be folded and unfolded, owing to Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

So, you can watch your favorite movie and game on a large screen and then fold it to pocket size and put it away without any hassle. This technology will also enable the prevalence of paper-thin screens that can project from both sides of the screen. What this translates to users is the ability to show pictures or videos to your friend on one side, while using the other side as a control to maneuver videos and images as you like.

This technology can be one of the biggest things to watch in Coming days of 2017.

Augmented Reality

The future of mobile technology closely revolves around two words: “augmented reality” (AR). AR in simple terms means an advanced and unseen version of what we can see with our naked eyes. A regular sight, when perceived through our smartphone infused with the AR technology, will be enhanced through the use of computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics and GPS data.

A surgeon performing a complicated procedure or a firefighter trying to find his way out of a burning building can visualize much more accurate and safe course of action with the help of augmented reality. Similarly, you can see a particular place through your augmented reality incorporated smartphone camera, and immediately find out the nearest cafes, bookshops, dining places.

Will the next mobile technology revolution kick in this year? Will the above technological trends permeate to the average smartphone user? Only time will tell.

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