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High Alert for iPhone user: This bug will kill your Phone

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High Alert for iPhone user: This bug will kill your Phone
iPhone owners need to be on high alert, although iPhone is the most secure mobile device some hackers breaks it security sometimes. As per the reports and a video demonstrating the bug on YouTube, a renown iPhone hacker this week unearthed a new way to permanently kill a number of key features on your iPhone with one simple text message.

The nightmarish text, which was first discovered by YouTuber Vincedes3, is capable of irreparably damaging the Messages app on your iOS device.

Those who open the text message will inadvertently render the Messages app useless.

According to the hacker, the malicious trick is possible thanks to a simple vCasrd message. YouTube user vincedes3 posted a video on his channel demonstrating how a vcf attachment sent on iPhone running iOS 8 to 10.2.1 makes your iMessage vulnerable to the bug. Clicking on the malicious message, which is basically a large vcf file, will cause iMessage app to freeze. You can dismiss iMessage from recently used apps on your iPhone, but reopening will cause it to crash.

“When you click, iOS want to read the text, the text in the file is very complicated for the system and cause a CPU average: the app freeze. You close the app, want to reopen but iOS want to reload the previous message but can’t because it’s the vcf file,” vincedes3 explains on his site.

However, he has provided a ‘magical link’ on the site, which he claims will make the bug go away, restoring iMessage app to normal. However, he has warned the fix (link) doesn’t work for some iPad devices. Users will need to open the given link on Safari browser. The link then starts to fix your app and you receive a message at the end that says, “‘I have just saved your iPhone bro ;-)”

This is not the first bug facing iOS devices in recent times. A five-second video was shared by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, and viewing it on Safari caused iOS to crash. However, the bug wasn’t limited to one iOS build.

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  1. There is a simple way that works for me in iOS 10.2 on iPad Pro. Simply ask someone to send you a message and when you get the Notification, click on it and it will open Message to the new Message. Then you'll see the bad message in your messages, click on it and hold it down and slide it to your Left and click on Delete. It's gone. Problem solved.


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